AFL hands down verdict on Tigers-umpire controversy

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The AFL says its umpires made the close determination not to grant Richmond a 50-metre punishment aft the last siren successful the Tigers' 106-100 nonaccomplishment to the Swans.

Friday night's lucifer was met with contention aft Dion Prestia and the Tigers didn't person a 50-metre punishment erstwhile Swans midfielder Chad Warner booted the shot distant erstwhile a whistle for a escaped footwear and the last siren was simultaneous.

That determination meant Prestia was forced to instrumentality a near-impossible changeable from 65 metres out, adjacent to the bound line, alternatively than 15 metres retired and wrong range.

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While it's communal for lucifer officials to wage 50-metre penalties for akin infringements, umpire John Howarth explained that it wouldn't person been just to complaint Warner other considering helium didn't perceive the whistle for a escaped kick.

Umpire John Howarth speaks with Chad Warner and the Tigers aft the game. (Getty)

"He couldn't person heard, communal sense, OK?" Howarth said to the Tigers.

On Saturday afternoon, the AFL released a connection backing the decision.

"The AFL confirms the determination precocious successful past night's lucifer to not wage a 50m punishment was correct," the league said successful a statement.

"The escaped footwear to Richmond subordinate Prestia was correctly paid (by the non controlling umpire successful the centre of the ground) and astir instantly aft the escaped footwear was paid, the siren sounded.

"The umpires past made the close telephone successful not applying a 50m punishment against Swans subordinate Warner, fixed the immediacy of the escaped being paid, the siren sounding and the shot being kicked into the crowd.

"It is the aforesaid discretion often utilized astir the crushed erstwhile umpires don't judge a subordinate has heard the whistle and kicks the ball."

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Immediately aft the match, Richmond manager Damien Hardwick was asked astir the moment, but chose to constituent the digit astatine his ain broadside letting a five-goal pb gaffe away,

"It's irrelevant. You tin look astatine that past incident, but the information of the substance is we were up by 30 (33) points, it's casual to look astatine the past game, but we should person iced the game," Hardwick said.

"Seventy-five per cent of the clip I thought we were beauteous good, 25 per cent lapse – particularly successful the 3rd 4th – determination were immoderate things we thought we could person done a spot better.

But connected Saturday morning, Hardwick took to Twitter, appearing to poke amusive astatine the umpire's "common sense" reasoning for not awarding a 50-metre penalty.

"Common sense, Sorry, what?" Hardwick tweeted.

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