Algorand price prediction: ALGO breakout has next target at $3

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Overall, the main short-term people for ALGO is the all-time precocious of $3.56 reached connected 20 June 2019

Algorand (ALGO) defied the Bitcoin (BTC)-led marketplace dip arsenic it broke higher to scope its highest terms level since June 2019. The past 24 hours person seen the cryptocurrency surge by implicit 30% against the US dollar, portion its brace against BTC is besides up 32%.

At the clip of writing, ALGO is changing hands astir $2.01, aft flipping little from multi-year highs of $2.22 arsenic bulls conflict accrued selling unit from traders seeking to fastener successful profits astatine existent prices.

Despite the slowdown brought astir by profit-taking deals, Algorand price’s upside momentum is inactive intact and a tally to caller levels is apt wrong the adjacent fewer days.

ALGO terms prediction

ALGO/USD regular chart. Source: TradingView

Algorand's terms looks acceptable for further gains, but pinpointing an nonstop prediction for immoderate cryptocurrency is difficult. The crushed is down to the chaotic quality of the marketplace that means volatility tin displacement momentum wrong a flash.

Nonetheless, beardown show arsenic predicted by assorted analysts should spot ALGO crook accrued accumulation astir $2 into caller upside pressure. The regular RSI that is yet to deed the February 2021 highest suggests country for further growth. The rising curves of the moving averages are besides indicative of a bullish continuation.

In the abbreviated term, the terms looks primed for a tally to the $3 and past $3.50 terms levels. In lawsuit of a intermission successful the uptrend, a retest of $1.73 is possible. In that case, method expert Altcoin Sherpa identifies the $1.50 enactment level arsenic a bully introduction point.

$ALGO: I'm not saying that you should bargain close here, it is resistance. But erstwhile a coin starts to bash what #Algorand is doing successful this existent environment, it's a bargain IMO. I'd astir apt effort for 1.50 arsenic an entry.

— Altcoin Sherpa (@AltcoinSherpa) September 8, 2021

Why did ALGO terms leap 50%?

On 8 September, the terms of Algorand's token ALGO went parabolic arsenic buyers rallied implicit 50% to grounds the largest single-day gains since August 2019. This latest spike follows affirmative quality that Algorand volition enactment with Mexican crypto speech Bitso and US-chartered slope Silvergate Bank to facilitate El Salvador's Chivo wallet, the cardinal to the country's adoption of Bitcoin arsenic ineligible tender.

The quality adds to Algorand's coagulated fundamentals and according to SkyBridge Capital laminitis Anthony Scaramucci, ALGO terms is acceptable to run, doing successful the autumn what Solana (SOL) did during the summer.

It was #SolanaSummer. Now volition it beryllium #AlgoAutumn

— Anthony Scaramucci (@Scaramucci) September 9, 2021

Pseudonymous crypto enthusiast Daren says Algorand has each the positives to marque it a apical people for investors — precocious utility, astute contracts and a "hotspot for NFTs".

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