AlmaLinux: What it is and how to use it

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Frustrated with CentOS? Your concern tin beryllium connected AlmaLinux.


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Those successful IT cognize each astir Red Hat deciding to displacement CentOS to the rolling-release (or continuous delivery) distribution, CentOS Stream. Unfortunately, this determination resulted successful galore die-hard CentOS admins losing spot successful the level completely. And plentifulness of captious third-party apps felt the nonstop same, galore refusing to enactment CentOS Stream.

Luckily, there's a replacement: AlmaLinux developed by CloudLinux, a institution with a coagulated estimation for supporting Linux. AlmaLinux 8.3, a escaped and open-source distribution, was archetypal released connected May 30th, 2021.

Is AlmaLinux a coagulated replacement for CentOS? Yes, and here's why: AlmaLinux is simply a 1:1 binary-compatible clone (fork) of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. In simpler terms, AlmaLinux is astir a c transcript of what CentOS utilized to be. And your institution tin spot it.

To instrumentality vantage of AlmaLinux, you'll request to cognize what it is, however to usage it and the steps you indispensable instrumentality to cleanable it aft installation. These TechRepublic Premium resources tin help.

Everything you request to cognize astir AlmaLinux

AlmaLinux includes captious features specified arsenic Secure Boot support, Errata, elemental migration from CentOS and truthful overmuch more. Plus, it's 100% escaped forever. This in-depth usher covers each of these features, the captious details you request to cognize astir AlmaLinux and what you should expect from the platform.

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AlmaLinux checklist: 9 things to bash aft installation

The migration to AlmaLinux is conscionable arsenic casual arsenic immoderate different server-ready operating strategy installation. Yet, what should you bash aft you log successful for the archetypal time? This checklist volition service arsenic your guiding airy arsenic you hole AlmaLinux for production. From mounting your hostname to configuring SSH cardinal authentication, everything you request to cognize is close here.

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