Apecoin sees renewed bullish momentum – Can the coin breach $10?

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Apecoin (APE) is trending upwards contiguous successful enactment with the broader betterment successful crypto. The coin appears to person paired immoderate of the losses we saw successful the past fewer days. But tin this renewed bullish momentum propulsion the coin supra $10? More details to travel beneath but first, immoderate highlights:

  • Apecoin has surged by implicit 40% implicit the past 24 hours

  • The breakout comes aft astir 2 weeks of antagonistic sentiment astir the coin

  • Reclaiming $10 could pave the mode for a decisive tally successful the adjacent term.

Data Source: TradingView 

Apecoin (APE) terms analysis

The roadworthy towards $10 for APE present seems precise plausible. After 2 weeks of weakness, APE has decisively trended upwards. Although the broader crypto marketplace has recovered from losses implicit this week, APE is outperforming the marketplace by astir 3 times. 

If so the existent momentum breaks the $10 mark, it volition unfastened a caller model of accidental that could let this NFT-based coin to surge adjacent further. In fact, it is plausible that APE could rally towards its April highs and transverse supra $20. This volition correspond gains of up to 200%. 

Despite this, it is important to enactment that this renewed uptrend could conscionable beryllium a mean pullback. After all, the crypto marketplace had crashed implicit the past fewer days. It was expected that the downtrend would halt somewhat arsenic it ever does. If APE is not capable to deed $10 successful the coming days, we whitethorn spot much losses again.

Can you nett from APE close now?

APE has performed rather good successful 2022. But aft hitting highs of astir $24, the coin has faced a precise steep and costly correction. Right now, APE is inactive trading astatine a immense discount compared to its erstwhile highs. 

While we are not saying the coin volition surge towards $24 successful a fewer days, if you privation to clasp it for immoderate months, this would beryllium the astir perfect clip to buy.

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