Biden And Democrats Look Unstoppable As Inflation Reduction Act Agreement Announced

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The Democrats and President Biden continued their unthinkable drawstring of achievements arsenic Majority Leader Schumer announced an statement connected the Inflation Reduction Act.

Majority Leader Schumer said successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA:

I americium pleased to study that we person reached an statement connected the Inflation Reduction Act that I judge volition person the enactment of the full Senate Democratic conference. I person had galore productive discussions with members of our league implicit the past 3 days and we person addressed a fig of important issues they person raised. 

The statement preserves the large components of the Inflation Reduction Act, including reducing medicine cause costs, warring clime change, closing taxation loopholes exploited by large corporations and the wealthy, and reducing the shortage by $300 billion. The last mentation of the Reconciliation bill, to beryllium introduced connected Saturday, volition bespeak this enactment and enactment america 1 measurement person to enacting this historical authorities into law.

Here is simply a database of Biden’s large accomplishments:

If this woody passes, Biden volition person inked wins on:

Drug pricing
Climate/ACA $$
Higher taxes connected corporations
$1.9T Covid rescue plan
$1.2T infrastructure law
New weapon law
Chips/China bill
KBJ connected SCOTUS
73+ little tribunal judges
VAWA re-up
Postal reform

This is not a trivial agenda.

— Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) July 30, 2022

Democrats went from appearing to not beryllium capable to flooded a 50/50 Senate to rattling disconnected large accomplishment aft large accomplishment. Democrats person done things that the federation has supported for decades. Democrats saved the USPS, walk weapon reform, and volition walk a measure to little medicine cause prices.

A alteration successful strategy from trying to sprout for the stars with their authorities to knowing the realities of the 50/50 Senate and getting things done has resulted successful an awesome database of accomplishments implicit the past fewer months.

The transition of the Inflation Reduction Act volition mean Democrats person delivered and present person an awesome docket to tally connected successful November.

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