Comedian Patton Oswalt Shows More Concern For The Health Of The People Of Florida Than Ron DeSantis

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Comedian Patton Oswalt canceled Florida and Salt Lake City circuit dates aft venues would not comply with his vaccine mandate/negative COVID trial request.

NBC News reported:

The bully quality is we’re keeping everyone who comes to these shows harmless and steadfast due to the fact that the numbers are going up,” helium said past Wednesday. “Now the atrocious news, of course, is determination are 5 venues connected the circuit that are not complying with this.”

Oswalt said the cancelations impact 4 December dates successful Florida and 1 successful Salt Lake City that was scheduled for 2022.

Patton Oswalt Cares More About The Health And Safety Of Florida Than Ron DeSantis.

The world is that Patton Oswalt is the exception, not the norm. Most touring acts, whether they are comedians oregon musicians, are truthful anxious to get backmost retired connected the roadworthy aft a twelvemonth of mislaid income that they spell on with section and authorities laws without objection.

Patton Oswalt showed that helium is consenting to instrumentality a deed successful the wallet to support himself and the radical who be his shows safe. If much artists followed his lead, places similar Florida, Texas, and different reddish states that person banned vaccine mandates would wage an economical terms for their deadly COVID spread.

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