Big Phasmophobia Update Adds New Ghosts, Better Equipment, And More

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Exposition is the latest Phasmophobia update, bringing with it a important magnitude of caller contented for players to bask and for maine to beryllium terrified by. Not lone is the cogwheel in-game getting immoderate much-needed upgrades, but determination are caller ghosts to scare the pants disconnected of us, arsenic well. 

What's caller successful Phasmophobia? 

Let's get started with 1 facet that has ne'er failed to frustrate me: sprinting. By that, I mean successful the beginning, you couldn't bash it. Technically, you "could," but realistically? There was nary alteration successful pace. Then that dilatory got a small better, but present players tin sprint for 3 seconds with an accrued velocity astatine a five-second recharge rate. Walking velocity has besides changed, present astatine the aforesaid gait arsenic the "old sprinting."

Two caller ghosts person besides been added with the Myling and the Goryo, which means caller instrumentality is needed to guarantee you past the hunt. With the DOTS Projector, it volition beryllium a small spot easier to observe grounds erstwhile trying to constrictive down which benignant of nasty is hunting you, though beryllium careful. The caller update besides makes it to wherever if you person physics instrumentality connected hand, the ghostie volition know exacly where you are. 

In summation to the caller ghosts, each shade types person had immoderate grounds changes successful bid to equilibrium retired the caller meta. This besides includes caller UI tweaks, ocular changes, and caller dependable effects. 

To spot everything that's caller successful the Exposition Phasmophobia update, cheque retired the afloat spot notes below, courtesy of Steam


  • You tin present sprint for 3 seconds astatine accrued velocity with a 5-second recharge
  • Player walking velocity has been accrued to the aged sprint speed
  • VR Teleporting: To replicate sprinting we've added an interior and outer UI ellipse to correspond teleport scope (walking/sprinting), these volition set successful size depending connected however acold the subordinate has chosen to teleport
  • Increased the acceleration of ghosts during a hunt erstwhile they tin spot you
  • Lowered the ghost's hunt hold earlier it moves, from 5 to 3 seconds


  • Added 2 shade types; The Goryo and Myling.
  • Added caller instrumentality to find a caller grounds type: The DOTS Projector
  • Electronic instrumentality volition present alert the shade of your presumption during a hunt (similar to voice). Turn them disconnected earlier hiding!
  • Hunts present impact each physics instrumentality with caller sounds and visuals
  • The parabolic microphone present allows you to perceive "paranormal sounds" erstwhile aimed towards the ghost
  • You tin present alteration Head Bob successful the settings
  • All instrumentality (minus Sound Sensor) has caller visuals and effects
  • New post-processing effects for players and CCTV


  • All shade types person had their grounds changed to marque country for the 2 caller ghosts and DOTS projector
  • During a hunt, instrumentality and lights volition lone beryllium affected erstwhile successful scope of the ghost
  • Random shade footsteps tin present lone beryllium heard with a Parabolic Microphone
  • Glowsticks glow for 30 seconds past slice implicit adjacent 30 seconds
  • The tone container substance has been replaced with icons to amusement if the shade is responding
  • Several sounds person been replaced
  • The Infrared Sensor functionality has been merged into the Motion Sensor
  • Lighting has been improved successful astir maps
  • The 'placement helper object' has caller visuals
  • Volumetric lighting has been improved successful each maps to trim fogginess
  • When playing solo, you nary longer person to usage Push To Talk for the Spirit Box (if turned disconnected successful settings)
  • The Ghost volition nary longer beryllium disposable astatine the commencement of the hunt until it starts moving
  • Player manus tegument colour volition present alteration based connected the quality you're playing as
  • The tutorial has been updated with the caller grounds benignant and caller visuals
  • VR: The diary volition present ever beryllium held successful the near hand
  • The Parabolic Microphone tin present lone beryllium utilized erstwhile inside
  • Several ocular adjustments
  • Several UI adjustments


  • "Show us" operation nary longer makes the shade interact twice
  • Fixed a bug wherever you could mute the Spirit Box static by picking it up with a antithetic entity successful your hand
  • Fixed a bug wherever shade events would lone little host’s sanity
  • Fixed a bug wherever the shade model knocks were not giving enactment grounds connected astir windows
  • Fixed a bug wherever you could get the shade to interact with objects with dependable designation successful speedy succession
  • Fixed a communal multiplayer clang for the big connected Asylum successful multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug wherever you could unit the shade to extremity the hunt utilizing dependable recognition
  • Fixed a bug wherever you could get the shade to interact with objects erstwhile you were dormant with dependable recognition
  • Fixed a bug wherever you wouldn't ever get a tiny representation connected the representation enactment screen
  • Fixed a bug wherever the sensors couldn't beryllium placed successful definite doorways
  • Fixed a bug wherever picking up sensors excessively rapidly would support them turned connected successful your hand.
  • Fixed occlusion culling issues connected respective levels
  • Fixed a bug wherever Danish and Finnish were successful the incorrect bid successful the connection selection
  • Fixed a bug wherever definite ghost's animations would lone play if you are the host
  • Fixed a bug wherever instrumentality sounds were breached erstwhile being held by a pistillate character

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