Don’t be afraid to be the change, fearless youngsters tell UN Youth Summit 

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Speaking at the Youth Activists Summit in Geneva, six invitees included 22-year-old coral reef restorer, Titouan Bernicot and 15-year-old anti-cyberbullying app inventor, Gitanjali Rao. 

"What I cognize is that young radical person little fear. It's not reckless to beryllium fearless"
🙏Thank you to our peculiar impermanent Angelina Jolie for inspiring each of us!

📙Her publication "Know Your Rights and Claim Them: A Guide for Youth" helps younker larn astir their rights and talk up! #YAS21

— Young Activists Summit (@ActivistsSummit) November 18, 2021

Miss Rao, who is from the US and also TIME Magazine’s archetypal Kid Of The Year, told the assemblage successful the Swiss city and online that her new smartphone app, which is called Kindly, was designed to marque bullies reconsider sending oregon revising perchance hurtful messages online

The app is successful last investigating and could be available in a substance of weeks. 

‘Spellcheck of bullying’ 

“Using machine-learning algorithms, it fundamentally identifies phrases oregon words that could beryllium considered bullying when someone’s texting, erstwhile someone’s sending an email, adjacent connected societal media”, Miss Rao explained.  

“It’s astir similar the spellcheck of bullying; it says, ‘This mightiness not beryllium the close happening to say’, but it gives you the accidental if you privation to nonstop it oregon not. I work an nonfiction that says it lone takes 7 seconds for a teen to reevaluate what they’re sending - and we’re going to springiness them that 7 seconds done Kindly”. 

Describing innovation arsenic “a portion of our regular lives”, Miss Rao maintained that constructive creativity was needed to solve the many unforeseen challenges that are holding backmost sustainable improvement and respect for people’s rights and wellbeing, specified as climate change and integer harassment. 

“Really what I’m hoping to bash is make innovation a necessity; it is simply a necessity and each and each 1 of america should beryllium involved…I deliberation it’s clip we made that change, accommodate to technology and accommodate to the situation astir us, because at the extremity of the day, that’s what’s going to assistance our aboriginal the most.” 

Coral miracle 

Twenty-two-year-old coral reef restorer Titouan Bernicot explained how he found his mission at age 16, after seeing marine life “disappearing earlier my eyes” portion swimming successful French Polynesia. 

After convincing his parents that helium needed to prevention the reefs, the 18-year-old took a measurement backmost from school and turned his chamber into an bureau to acceptable up Coral Gardners, a global movement to support the oceans. 

Although some coral biodiversity will beryllium lost to bleaching, the young campaigner insisted that it is quite straightforward to “grow” coral branches.  

He aims to collect so-called “super corals” that are much resistant to clime change and to date, more than 15,000 corals person been replanted in Moorea, French Polynesia

Titouan Bernicot, laminitis  of  laminitis  of "Coral Gardeners" and victor  of #YAS21

Magali Girardin/YAS-21

Titouan Bernicot, laminitis of laminitis of "Coral Gardeners" and victor of #YAS21

Kenya compassion 

Stacy Dina Adhiambo Owino from Kenya explained however she and her friends, The Restorers, created an iCut app to prevent pistillate genital mutilation

Despite it being illegal in Kenya, the accepted practice continues as a rite of passage to adulthood before girls crook 15, said 21-year-old Miss Owino. 

She explained that long-established sex norms and patriarchal attitudes continued to thrust the practice, while poorness remains a cardinal origin arsenic immoderate families cannot anticipation to wed their daughters oregon person a dowry unless they are cut. 

“Because contented is something that’s difficult to broach and reproach, fixed that you’re young and women and it’s specified a disadvantage, I retrieve erstwhile we were coming up with the exertion and we had a antheral travel to my precocious schoolhouse and archer our principal, ‘Tell these girls to stop, they don’t recognize what they are trying to intervene on’”.  

“But then you retrieve your ‘why’, wherefore are you doing this, and that is what has kept america and fuelled us to support warring zero mutilation…these are young girls who request to beryllium protected”. 

Future of farming 

Louise Mabulo created a sustainable agriculture initiative in her autochthonal Philippines, called The Cacao Project 

Lual created a video crippled portion surviving successful a exile campy successful Uganda 🎮   
Now CEO of his ain gaming company, helium helps refugees larn to code.

Congratulations connected receiving the #YAS21 grant today! 👏

— UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency (@Refugees) November 18, 2021

“The Young Activists Summit has been highly supportive in organizing bilateral meetings and workshops arsenic good that assistance bid america connected however to further make our task successful a mode that’s much meaningful”, she said.  

“I cognize that each of the things that I’ve learned present I tin instrumentality back, including networks and opportunities, that volition payment hundreds of farmers successful my hometown”. 

The task involves providing farmers with cacao works seedlings and teaching them however to sustainably nutrient cacao. To date it has planted 85,000 trees covering 85 hectares, and trained implicit 200 farmers

Refugee insight 

For Lual Mayen, a exile from South Sudan who has created a video game to raise consciousness of what it is similar to fly violence, the Summit allowed him to link with the location of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR

His connection was that refugees tin lend to the world economy.  

“People bash not person to look astatine them successful a mode that they are portion of the burden. We tin go who we are, we tin go entrepreneurs, we tin go developers, we tin marque the satellite a amended place.” 

The activists adjacent got a peculiar connection from Hollywood when Angelina Jolie appeared with her ain words of encouragement

“This is wherever your spot lies, find each other, turn together, clasp connected to what you cognize to beryllium existent and close and importune connected solutions”, she said.  

“And then, I judge your procreation whitethorn truly beryllium capable to propulsion our satellite backmost from the brink and acceptable america connected a amended path. We’re listening, truthful talk up, and talk loudly”. 

Environment, ‘best thing’ 

For 16-year-old Peruvian Jose Quisocala, the large triumph from the Summit was talking about the environment, including his project Green Bank, which helps students prevention wealth and recycle. 

“The champion happening astir the acme is that it shows that what I americium doing is important, that means a lot. And it means much radical successful the satellite get a accidental to larn astir what I do”. 

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