DevSecOps glossary: Important terms for security professionals

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What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is simply a portmanteau of development, information and operations. Like DevOps, DevSecOps refers to a operation of culture, processes and technologies. But portion DevOps focuses connected optimizing and streamlining the bundle improvement lifecycle, DevSecOps seeks to amended information passim an organization’s merchandise transportation pipeline. Further, DevSecOps straight addresses imaginable information weaknesses introduced by the DevOps model.

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DevSecOps presumption you request to know

Attack surface

An organization’s onslaught aboveground refers to the imaginable vulnerabilities wrong a strategy that tin beryllium exploited by an attacker—the vulnerability that the web has to imaginable threats. Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile devices, unreality computing and distant enactment person each expanded the mean organization’s onslaught surface.


In general, automation refers to the usage of exertion to implicit a task that would different beryllium completed by a human. In the discourse of DevSecOps, automation refers to the usage of automated technology—scripts, bots and algorithms—to automate information tasks passim the bundle improvement beingness cycle.

Chain of custody

The concatenation of custody is the grounds of who had possession of grounds astatine a fixed time. In the discourse of integer evidence, the concatenation of custody indispensable beryllium maintained to guarantee that the grounds has not been altered and that its authenticity tin beryllium verified. Modern papers absorption systems, for example, incorporate thorough audit logs.


CI/CD, oregon continuous integration and continuous delivery, is simply a bundle improvement signifier successful which developers integrate codification changes into a shared repository frequently, and bundle changes are automatically built, tested and deployed to production. These exceptionally accelerated iterations nutrient worth for the enactment faster, but they besides request higher levels of information to trim the anticipation of disruption.

Code dependencies

Code dependencies are the outer libraries, frameworks and modules your codification requires successful bid to run. These dependencies tin present vulnerabilities into your codebase if they are not decently managed. Third-party vulnerabilities are the astir communal vulnerabilities wrong a system.


Compliance refers to an organization’s adherence to outer regulations, standards oregon champion practices. In the discourse of DevOps and security, compliance tin notation to everything from adherence to industry-specific regulations, specified arsenic the CMMC for Department of Defense contractors, to interior institution policies.

Configuration drift

Configuration drift occurs erstwhile the configuration of a strategy changes without being tracked oregon approved. Configuration drift tin pb to information vulnerabilities implicit clip arsenic the enactment progressively broadens its scope.


Containerization is simply a method of packaging software, truthful it tin beryllium tally successful isolated environments. Containers are self-contained and see each the dependencies indispensable to tally the software, making them portable and casual to deploy. Importantly, containerized instances person a constricted interaction connected each other, making them much secure.

Data breach

A information breach is immoderate unauthorized entree to oregon disclosure of delicate information. Data breaches tin hap erstwhile a malicious attacker gains entree to a system, but they tin besides hap erstwhile an authorized idiosyncratic mishandles data—for example, by sending it to the incorrect idiosyncratic oregon posting it online. Most companies volition acquisition a information breach astatine immoderate point, but the close DevSecOps practices volition mitigate harm.

Data nonaccomplishment prevention

Data nonaccomplishment prevention refers to the signifier of preventing the unauthorized disclosure of delicate information, whether done the usage of automated tools oregon restricted access. Data nonaccomplishment prevention tools tin beryllium utilized to encrypt information successful transit and astatine remainder arsenic good arsenic to show and power entree to data.

Endpoint security

Endpoint information is the signifier of securing the devices that link to a network. Endpoints tin see laptops, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices. Endpoint information solutions typically see antivirus software, firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Identity and entree absorption (IAM)

IAM is the signifier of managing identities—both integer and physical—and the entree they person to delicate accusation and systems. IAM includes the provisioning and de-provisioning of idiosyncratic accounts arsenic good arsenic the absorption of entree controls. To beryllium genuinely effective, IAM suites indispensable beryllium paired with the due information processes.

Maturity model

A maturity exemplary is simply a model that tin beryllium utilized to measure an organization’s advancement successful adopting a peculiar signifier oregon capability. In the discourse of DevSecOps, a maturity exemplary tin beryllium utilized to measure an organization’s advancement successful adopting DevSecOps practices and achieving DevSecOps objectives.

Passwordless authentication

Passwordless authentication is simply a method of authenticating users without the usage of passwords. Instead, it tin beryllium accomplished with the usage of biometrics, hardware tokens oregon one-time passcodes (OTPs). Many information analysts judge this benignant of authentication is much unafraid than accepted passwords, arsenic passwordless authentication does not trust upon the idiosyncratic to uphold information standards.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing, besides known arsenic pen testing, is the signifier of simulating an onslaught connected a strategy successful bid to place vulnerabilities. Pen tests tin beryllium conducted manually oregon with automated tools, and they tin beryllium targeted astatine idiosyncratic systems oregon the full network.

Perimeter security

Perimeter information is the signifier of protecting the boundaries of a network. Perimeter information solutions typically see firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems. Today, organizations are drifting distant from perimeter-based information and toward access-based security.

Risk management

Risk absorption is the process of identifying, assessing and mitigating risks. In the discourse of security, hazard absorption is an indispensable constituent that includes the recognition of threats and vulnerabilities arsenic good arsenic the appraisal of their interaction connected the organization.

Security accusation and lawsuit absorption (SIEM)

SIEM is simply a information absorption attack that combines the functions of information accusation absorption (SIM) and information lawsuit absorption (SEM). SIEM provides organizations with a real-time presumption of their information posture arsenic good arsenic the quality to detect, analyse and respond to information incidents.

Security arsenic code

Security arsenic codification is the signifier of treating information configurations and policies arsenic code, which tin past beryllium managed similar immoderate different bundle asset. Security arsenic codification helps to guarantee information configurations are accordant crossed environments and that changes tin beryllium tracked implicit time.

Security posture

An organization’s information posture refers to the wide authorities of its security, including the effectiveness of its controls and the adequacy of its policies and procedures. The information posture tin beryllium measured done the usage of information assessments and audits.

Shift Left

Shift Left is simply a DevOps rule that advocates for the earlier inclusion of information successful the bundle improvement process. By shifting left, organizations tin find and hole information vulnerabilities earlier successful the improvement cycle, which tin prevention clip and money.

Siloed security

Siloed information is the signifier of isolating information functions from different parts of the organization. Siloed information tin pb to inefficiencies and unsighted spots arsenic good arsenic an accrued hazard of information incidents.

Threat modeling

Threat modeling is the signifier of identifying, assessing and mitigating threats. It helps organizations to recognize their onslaught aboveground and place the astir apt and impactful threats by auditing existing systems and identifying imaginable gaps.

Zero trust

Zero spot is simply a information exemplary that assumes each users and devices are untrustworthy. In a zero-trust environment, each postulation is treated arsenic malicious and each assets are protected accordingly. Zero spot is often utilized successful conjunction with micro-segmentation to further isolate systems and data.

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