Elon Musk invited legal scrutiny by tweeting out his doubts about a $44 billion Twitter bid

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Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk’s early Friday greeting tweet proclaiming that his $44 cardinal bid to bargain Twitter (TWTR) is connected clasp whitethorn interruption laws meant to support nationalist markets from manipulation, experts say.

Twitter shares began sliding pursuing the tweet, broadening a wider than accustomed borderline implicit the past 2 weeks betwixt the marketplace price and Musk's connection terms of $54.20 per share. The descent could springiness regulators and shareholders much reasons to spell aft Musk, connected apical of ongoing disputes with the Securities and Exchange Commission and with Tesla and Twitter shareholders.

“Twitter woody temporarily connected clasp pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts bash so correspond little than 5% of users,” Musk tweeted on with a nexus to a Reuters report connected Twitter's calculation, which came successful a caller SEC filing.

Roughly 2 hours later, though, helium tweeted, “Still committed to acquisition.”

Twitter station  to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's grip  May 13, 2022

Twitter station to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's grip May 13, 2022

Musk has a agelong past of tweeting astir firm strategy, astir notably alerting the nationalist via Twitter successful August 2018 that helium had backing to instrumentality Tesla backstage astatine $420 share. The tweets prompted an SEC probe and settlement, and experts accidental his latest tweet could invitation much ineligible scrutiny. That's partially due to the fact that accusation applicable for shareholders indispensable beryllium filed to the SEC; moreover, Musk's tweet arguably caused marketplace moves successful some Tesla and Twitter banal successful a mode that could payment the Tesla CEO.

Speculation swirled Friday implicit whether Musk intended the tweets arsenic a strategy to backmost retired of the woody oregon alternatively to reopen negotiations to bargain the institution astatine a little terms aft its shares dropped.

“Twitter is going to, and already is, dropping similar a rock,” John Livingstone, a probe chap for Case Western Reserve University School of Law, told Yahoo Finance. “As for the SEC rules, this is decidedly moving the marketplace successful a manipulative way, a mode that Musk has been nailed for earlier by the SEC erstwhile helium alleged helium was taking Tesla private.”

Aside from Twitter's banal price, Tesla’s banal moves airs different imaginable problem. If Musk abandons the Twitter deal, it each but ensures that Tesla shares won’t beryllium deployed arsenic collateral to get the societal media company, according to Livingstone. In that case, helium says, Tesla shares could get an unfair boost and enrich Musk, who's a large shareholder.

If Tesla banal sees a spike, the SEC whitethorn beryllium capable to overgarment a representation that Musk utilized a woody with Twitter to thrust down Tesla prices, lone to past thrust it backmost up by backing retired of that deal.

Twitter station  to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's grip  May 13, 2022.

Twitter station to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's grip May 13, 2022.

Musk's mode of connection could besides beryllium problematic, arsenic the SEC requires communications to shareholders beryllium filed with the bureau to guarantee investors aren't misled. As of Friday afternoon, Musk's tweets had not been filed with the agency.

"Musk’s tweet is surely substantive accusation astir the merger that has been communicated to the public, truthful it is taxable to the filing requirements, and similar immoderate worldly connection astir the merger, it cannot beryllium misleading," University of Kentucky instrumentality prof Alan Kluegel said.

Another hazard for Musk is simply a $1 cardinal breakup interest helium agreed to wage Twitter for backing retired of the transaction, if each different closing presumption are met. According to the merger agreement, Musk’s acquisition company, X Holdings I, tin terminate the woody without paying $1 cardinal if Twitter breaches definite agreements oregon takes a competing higher offer, oregon if Twitter's shareholders neglect to ballot for the merger.

In putting the woody connected hold, Musk raised concerns implicit the veracity of a caller disclosure by Twitter successful a quarterly 10-Q filing that it believes that fake oregon spam accounts correspond less than 5% of Twitter's monthly regular progressive users.

However, Twitter's connection astir its percent of bots whitethorn not get Musk retired of paying the breakup fee. On 1 hand, Musk could reason helium relied connected Twitter's figures erstwhile helium offered to bargain the company. Still, a justice could regularisation the connection connected bots isn't worldly since Musk has publically said helium wants Twitter to person less regulations connected users.

As for Twitter and Musk, they some agreed that Musk could freely tweet astir the transactions.

“[Musk] shall beryllium permitted to contented Tweets astir the Merger oregon the transactions contemplated,” the merger agreement says, “…so agelong arsenic specified Tweets bash not disparage [Twitter] oregon immoderate of its reps.”

Nonetheless, the SEC and courts person powers that transcend those of the Twitter and Musk.

The SEC already settled with Musk and Tesla implicit the billionaire’s August 2018 tweets stating that helium had secured financing to instrumentality Tesla private. The settlement, successful summation to $40 cardinal successful full fines against Musk and Tesla, required Musk to measurement down arsenic the company's committee chairman.

Several lawsuits filed by Tesla shareholders are inactive pending implicit the aforesaid tweets. And aggregate reports earlier this week said the SEC is investigating whether Musk’s regulatory filings successful transportation with his Twitter bid followed reporting rules.

At marketplace adjacent connected Friday, Tesla banal traded astatine $769.59 a stock up 5.7% from the anterior day's marketplace close. Twitter shares continued to commercialized little astatine $40.72 and were down 8.5%.

Yahoo Finance did not person a effect to its requests for remark from Twitter and Elon Musk.

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