Ex-Tigers star reveals why Madge has failed

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Former Wests Tigers prima Josh Reynolds says under-fire manager Michael Maguire is struggling to signifier a crippled program that suits his side's strengths.

The unit connected Maguire has reached fever pitch, and the likelihood of the erstwhile Rabbitohs premiership manager getting sacked are shortening by the time aft the Tigers finished this play 13th connected the ladder with conscionable 8 wins.

Since joining the Tigers successful 2019, Maguire has notched 26 wins and 41 losses, making for a 39 per cent triumph percentage. To marque the concern much desperate, the Tigers haven't played finals shot since 2011

Reynolds, who present features for Hull FC successful the Super League aft departing the Tigers past twelvemonth aft 3 seasons, believes Maguire is struggling to find a strategy that suits his squad.

The 32-year-old seasoned claims Maguire has struggled to determination connected from the coaching tactics helium erstwhile deployed successful the Super League with Wigan erstwhile the broadside won the contention successful 2010, wherever helium besides coached English superstar Sam Tomkins.

Michael Maguire the manager of Wigan Warriors lifts the prosecute Super League Grand Final trophy surrounded by his players aft triumph implicit St Helens successful the prosecute Super League Grand Final betwixt St Helens and Wigan Warriors astatine Old Trafford connected October 2, 2010 successful Manchester, England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images) (Getty)

"They're (Tigers) astatine a spot disconnected a crossroads," Reynolds told Sky Sports Radio's The Big Sports Breakfast.

"They either instrumentality with Madge, but past they haven't truly bought excessively galore antithetic players... they brought Jackson Hastings in and I deliberation helium volition adhd a spot to the squad, but not definite wherever he's going to play.

"Me and Madge had a precise honorable relationship. He was honorable with me... but I don't deliberation sometimes the mode helium wants to play suits the Tigers team.

"I had this speech with 1 of the boys implicit present contiguous astir Madge erstwhile helium was with the Wigan side.

"He said, erstwhile you had (Sam) Tomkins retired the backmost of the play, that the Tigers are playing - helium was unstoppable erstwhile they won the contention [in 2010]. It evidently suited that Wigan side, but I don't deliberation it suits the Tigers."

Luke Brooks of the Wests Tigers (Getty)

Reynolds besides defended the Tigers' playing group, namely halfback Luke Brooks who often this play was the antheral targeted for the club's deficiency of spark and struggles successful attack.

"It's a assurance thing, each they (Tigers) perceive astir is not making the semis," helium added.

"I deliberation personally they inactive person got a reasonably bully squad. Whether Madge is the antheral determination oregon if they spell successful different direction.

"Even the players, the players astir apt privation immoderate to change. You've got guys similar (Luke) Brooks determination - helium gets the blasted a batch of the clip for a batch of their woes, but I ticker him play and helium puts his assemblage connected the enactment assemblage puts his bosom connected the line. He cops a batch of the brunt.

"You've got to enactment players astir him, I deliberation his champion footy is up of him."

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