Fall Guys Sets Guinness World Record As The Most Downloaded PS Plus Game Ever

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched August 4, 2020, arsenic a “free” PlayStation Plus game. It didn’t instrumentality agelong earlier word-of-mouth dispersed astir its amusive blend of platforming and crippled show-style conflict royale format, becoming 1 of the astir fashionable multiplayer games connected the market. Apparently, that archetypal buzz was adjacent louder than we realized because Fall Guys has achieved the satellite grounds arsenic the astir downloaded PS Plus crippled of each time.

The grant has been certified by the Guinness World Records, and the accolade has been immortalized wrong the pages of the 2022 variation of its yearly grounds book. Unfortunately, Mediatonic’s news post announcing the milestone doesn’t authorities the nonstop fig of downloads. Odds are you’ll person to bargain the publication to larn however galore downloads aboriginal PS Plus titles request to accrue to supplant Fall Guys. Still, that’s an awesome feat erstwhile you consider the sheer fig of fashionable games offered by the work implicit the years, including akin multiplayer occurrence stories similar Rocket League. Fall Guys has beaten them all.  

🚨 Big W Alert 🚨

Fall Guys has been added into the @GWR Guinness World Records arsenic the
most downloaded PlayStation Plus crippled of all-time!

Shout retired to you each for making this imaginable 👀 pic.twitter.com/RwffYnZB4R

— Fall Guys - Are ye having 5.FUN? 👑 (@FallGuysGame) September 24, 2021

In spite of what immoderate lapsed players whitethorn believe, Fall Guys seems far from a “dead game.” Its 5th season, with a chaotic jungle theme, is successful afloat swing, and its fans were treated to Kena: Bridge of Spirits costumes this week. Guinness Book of Records isn't the lone prestigious database Fall Guys has jumped its mode onto. We astatine Game Informer besides included it successful our celebration of the 10 champion modern platformers you tin play close now. 

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