Fatty blows up at 'struggling' Titans star

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League fable Paul Vautin has expressed disappointment astatine the output of million-dollar Gold Coast enlistee David Fifita and speculated that the Titans prima could beryllium carrying an injury.

Fifita didn't travel connected the tract until astir the extremity of the archetypal fractional successful the Titans' Thursday nighttime 15-14 nonaccomplishment to Newcastle. He had an contiguous interaction for the team, scoring a effort against immoderate brushed Knights defence, but Vautin believed helium inactive didn't present enough.

"He made an archetypal impact, nary uncertainty astir that. When he's adjacent to the enactment David Fifita is astir unstoppable," Vautin said connected Nine's post-game coverage.

"Earlier this twelvemonth successful a crippled against Souths helium scored 4 tries successful astir 8 minutes throwing radical into the grandstand, but to maine his enactment complaint is astir apt not what it should be."

NRL Highlights: Knights lock-in finals spot with a triumph implicit the Titans - Round 24

Vautin said Fifita's show could beryllium constricted owed to an injury, nevertheless helium wasn't consenting to excuse the 21-year-old owed to perceived unit implicit his lucrative declaration with the Titans.

"It looks similar he's carrying a spot of an injury. It looks similar a goitre hanging retired - it's a thorax pad oregon thing - but he's evidently carrying an injury," helium said.

"He could beryllium honestly the champion player, the champion guardant successful the game, but astatine the moment, conscionable to me, his enactment complaint is not determination truthful he's struggling a small bit.

"That shouldn't adjacent substance what helium gets paid. If you're playing NRL and you're successful archetypal people arsenic a 2nd rower, you're fundamentally a idiosyncratic and to me, arsenic dynamic arsenic helium tin be, his enactment complaint is not what it should be."

David Fifita (Getty)

The Titans' nonaccomplishment means they are present facing a overmuch harder way to scrape into the finals, successful a three-way conflict with the Canberra Raiders and Cronulla Sharks.

Vautin struggled to confidently extremity Gold Coast to get a much-needed triumph implicit New Zealand adjacent week to assistance support their slim chances alive, but helium confirmed determination was inactive glimmer of anticipation they tin marque the apical eight.

"I thought they played amended for 60 minutes of the lucifer and erstwhile it mattered they conscionable weren't up to it," Vautin said of their one-point decision to the Knights.

"They've got the Warriors adjacent week, it's a crippled they tin win, but volition they? They're inactive an extracurricular chance. Surely they bushed the Warriors."

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