Feast Your Eyes On The Final Trailer For Death Stranding Director's Cut

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Hideo Kojima is inviting america to instrumentality 1 past look astatine Death Stranding: Director's Cut earlier launching connected September 24. The last trailer for this re-release is directed by Kojima and ends up being a philharmonic travel done Death Stranding's disturbing world.

The trailer clocks successful astatine conscionable nether 5 minutes, and portion giving viewers a little look astatine this version's caller content, is mostly an exploration of the cardinal moments that shaped the communicative and characters of the archetypal game.

Kojima doesn't clasp backmost connected showing notable moments, truthful I'm going to propulsion a SPOILER informing retired determination for those of you who haven't played the crippled yet. If you've been reasoning astir picking up this version, I'd debar the trailer. If you already played it, and person had galore discussions astir the babe strapped to Norman Rededus' chest,  leap close successful – Kojima's chopped is simply a bully mode to relive this chaotic experience.

The opus utilized successful the trailer is "Goliath" by Woodkid. Kojima took to Twitter to sermon conscionable however overmuch helium appreciates this artist. "Even erstwhile I listened to it again, the edited images came up. I can't get it retired of my head," helium wrote. "This is the benignant of harm that comes from creating a PV with a opus I love."

Death Stranding Director's Cut is simply a PlayStation 5 exclusive that volition diagnostic a wealthiness of contented that wasn't featured successful the archetypal game. Some of this caller worldly volition grow upon the gameplay, specified arsenic caller stealth mechanics and ways to haul cargo utilizing a "Buddy Bot." And existent to galore of Kojima's re-releases, immoderate of the contented is conscionable for fun, similar being capable to execute stunts connected your motorcycle oregon contention astir a way successful a car.

Are you a instrumentality of Death Stranding? If you haven't played it, are you reasoning of picking up this caller cut? Let america cognize your thoughts connected this merchandise successful the comments conception below.

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