Female Afghan robotics team members arrive in Mexico

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The 5 women, on with 1 of their partners, were transported connected a commercialized formation to Mexico connected Monday, funded by antithetic organizations, Martha Delgado, undersecretary for multilateral affairs and quality rights astatine Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said successful a property league connected Tuesday.

A frantic Western evacuation cognition astatine Kabul airdrome has picked up gait aft the Taliban said Tuesday that they were nary longer allowing the evacuation of Afghans. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden made wide helium aims to instrumentality with his August 31 deadline to retreat troops from the country.

    Many of those fleeing the state since the Taliban took implicit person been educated people, particularly women. The past clip the Taliban ruled, women were banned from moving and forbidden to be schools and universities.

      Evacuation flights retired  of Kabul are picking up. Here's what it's similar  astatine  the airport.

      "Following the contented of solidarity and with the feminist overseas argumentation of the Mexican government, we person carried retired galore diplomatic efforts to make a harmless transition that would let america to bring them to Mexico," Delgado said, "We springiness you the warmest invited to Mexico."

      The women volition person a humanitarian visa for up to 180 days, aft which they whitethorn person the enactment of an extension, Delgado said.

      An instauration based successful Mexico, which was not named for information purposes, offered accommodation, food, and basal services astatine nary outgo for the squad members, Delgado said.

      Five women from the renowned robotics squad  arrived successful  Mexico, officials said.

      "We are precise blessed to beryllium present and it is an grant that the authorities of Mexico has honored america with being present and having saved our lives," squad subordinate Fatemah Qaderyan said successful the property conference.

      "From present connected guardant we volition person opportunities for galore much achievements successful our lives, and frankincense beryllium portion of the combat for a amended life," Qaderyan said. "Although we are acold from our homes, we volition ever beryllium agreed and acknowledgment to your assistance we volition execute it, convey you precise much, we truly admit having each our things present successful Mexico with us."

      Several different members of the squad had antecedently been evacuated to Qatar, according to the country's government.

        The squad received worldwide attraction successful 2017 aft they were doubly denied introduction to the United States for a robotics competition, until erstwhile President Donald Trump intervened.

        The squad received further designation for creating ventilators made from utilized car parts to attraction for Covid-19 patients.

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