First Person: The honey business owner creating a buzz in northern Uganda

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Sam Aderubo started his company, Honey Pride, successful Arua, bluish Uganda, successful bid to marque a affirmative interaction connected his community. With enactment from the UN, the concern is taking off, providing enactment for hundreds of section beekeepers, galore of whom are marginalized women and youth.

“I utilized to enactment successful an office, and radical would travel to my spot of enactment to merchantability ‘West Nile honey’, named aft the portion I travel from. I was funny to spot that my portion was being utilized arsenic a brand, and discovered that West Nile is 1 of the apical ranked regions successful Uganda for the accumulation of honey.

So, I decided that I would travel backmost home, and commencement a institution to service my community.

Sam Aderobu, recovered  of Honey Pride

UN News/ Hisae Kawamori

Sam Aderobu, recovered of Honey Pride

A merchandise successful demand

The merchandise is successful demand, some locally and internationally, and has affirmative medicinal and nutrient properties. We realized that determination is beardown imaginable to nutrient it connected a ample scale.

However, galore radical successful this portion are lone collecting chromatic successful a accepted way, arsenic a hobby. We decided to springiness farmers guidance, and supply them with the indispensable skills due to the fact that before, they were moving without immoderate ceremonial support; no-one was consenting to put successful supporting them to amended the prime of their honey.

Today, we’re moving with implicit 1,700 farmers, who harvest chromatic from apiaries connected their land. We supply a reliable marketplace for them, which encourages them to nutrient more.

Beekeeper Betty Ayikoru, Arua, bluish   Uganda

UN News/ Hisae Kawamori

Beekeeper Betty Ayikoru, Arua, bluish Uganda

Economy, situation and society

We judge that if beekeeping is taken to a level wherever farmers recognize it arsenic a arsenic a business, it's going to amended their livelihoods; erstwhile we started the concern successful 2015, a kilo of chromatic sold for astir 3,500 Ugandan Shillings. Today it’s astir 7,000 Shillings. This has motivated galore farmers to spell into beekeeping.

Now they tin spend basal necessities, and they don’t person to interest astir going hungry. They tin bargain goats and different animals, and wage their children’s schoolhouse fees. Some person adjacent been capable to get property. Beekeeping is changing their lives.

Our imaginativeness was to beryllium a marketplace person successful the merchantability of sustainable beehive products successful the Great Lakes region, and to merchantability globally. Our products are present gathering planetary standards, and are being accepted successful overseas markets”.

We’re trying to physique up a dedicated absorption team, and galore of them are young people. We’re getting assistance from a programme tally by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), which is addressing the cognition of younker towards agriculture, and however they tin beryllium motivated to clasp agriculture arsenic a root of employment.

The young radical we are interacting with, are opening to recognize that they person a large portion to play successful nationalist development. So, portion we privation to marque a profit, we besides person a societal facet to what we do.

Beekeeper Betty Ayikoru and her household  astatine  their location  successful  Arua, bluish   Uganda

UN News/ Hisae Kawamori

Beekeeper Betty Ayikoru and her household astatine their location successful Arua, bluish Uganda

Overcoming the fiscal challenges

Finance has been 1 of our biggest challenges. Because of a deficiency of finance, overmuch of the honey-making process person been done manually. However, the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), has enabled america to get backing from the Uganda Development Bank, and amended portion of our accumulation process.

We are present utilizing an electrical chromatic press, and were capable to get a filtering instrumentality to amended the prime of our product. We are capable to process astir 5 tonnes of chromatic successful a month, which is simply a precise large leap successful capacity, and I’m definite that we volition beryllium capable to turn that to astir 15 tonnes.

We’re precise grateful for the enactment we received from UNCDF, due to the fact that it besides helped america to amended our concern management, summation production, and amended the prime of our product.”

UNCDF successful bluish Uganda

  • UNCDF has been contiguous successful Uganda since 1982, supporting the Government to make a functional readying and fiscal strategy for sustainable and inclusive section development. Today, Uganda houses the largest in-country squad of UNCDF's planetary footprint.
  • The Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) is UNCDF's flagship programme successful the country, designed to consolidate stableness successful Northern Uganda, eradicate poorness and under-nutrition, and fortify the foundations for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development.
  • Inclusive Digital Economies (IDE), is the in-house signifier that deploys UNCDF's planetary integer strategy, which is designed to empower underserved populations to entree and usage integer services that leverage innovation and exertion to amended their wellbeing successful enactment of the SDG.
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