Former Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Set To Burn Donald And Melania Trump To The Ground

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Stephanie Grisham worked for some Donald and Melania Trump successful the White House, and she volition beryllium releasing an explosive caller book.

Axios reported:

Stephanie Grisham has softly written a top-secret memoir of her 4 years successful Donald Trump’s White House, and a publishing root says she’ll uncover “surprising caller scandals.”


A root adjacent to the work told Axios: “Grisham knows wherever each the bodies are buried due to the fact that she buried a batch of them herself.”

The root says Grisham “has receipts … she was a property idiosyncratic and it was her occupation to marque definite she knew what was happening.”

Grisham was Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff successful the White House and 1 of Donald Trump’s galore property secretaries. Grisham’s publication is titled, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” but she ne'er held a briefing arsenic property secretary.

There is nary loyalty among Trump thieves.

It is ironic that Donald and Melania Trump demanded full loyalty. Yet, determination has ne'er been a White House that leaked truthful overmuch and had specified a huffy dash to archer each of the Trumps soiled secrets.

Grisham is particularly unsafe to the Trumps due to the fact that she worked for some of them and had entree to them wrong the White House backstage residence.  With Trump plotting a 2024 comeback, immoderate caller scandals that look and tin beryllium verified could beryllium the last nail successful the Trump governmental coffin.

Trump showed nary loyalty to the radical astir him,  truthful it is nary astonishment that truthful galore are anxious to merchantability him out.

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