FTX’s Harrison on how to model Bitcoin price outlook: ‘a lot of different proposed methods’

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FTX U.S. President Brett Harrison told CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ connected Thursday that the crypto manufacture is inactive seeing immense task superior investments contempt the pugnacious times occasioned by the carnivore market.

According to the FTX US boss, portion the manufacture continues to look the blunt unit of the crypto winter, markets volition yet recover.

He notes much capital, arsenic projects instrumentality the downturn arsenic an accidental to build, bringing successful caller endowment and products, a bounce retired of the spread could spot much radical follow crypto and related services.  

Different methods of valuing Bitcoin

Talking specifically astir Bitcoin, the world’s starring cryptocurrency, Harrison says determination are antithetic ways of looking astatine BTC’s value. He notes that antithetic radical look astatine this facet differently.

It’s difficult,” helium told CNBC arsenic helium discussed immoderate of the antithetic methods of looking astatine Bitcoin.

“There are a batch of antithetic projected methods. Some of it has to bash with the aboriginal travel of each the Bitcoin that could beryllium mined successful the strategy and of people the outgo of mining that Bitcoin,” helium added.

Another mode of looking astatine it is what immoderate radical spot arsenic “a store of value, thing that is autarkic of immoderate peculiar government’s control. Monetary proviso that’s harmless and tin beryllium moved astir the world, you know, safely and instantly.

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