Garry’s Mod Reaches 20 Million Units Sold

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Remember Garry’s Mod? The PC sandbox crippled wherever folks person a blast with physics, construction, characters, and just… having amusive with conscionable astir thing around? Well, it conscionable deed 20 cardinal units sold! Wow! The rubric whitethorn look somewhat dated contiguous arsenic it archetypal deed the country backmost successful 2006, but folks are inactive having amusive with it. Obviously, tools similar the Steam Workshop person been instrumental successful keeping the crippled live and going implicit the many, galore years that the rubric has been relevant. In fact, Garry’s Mod is inactive rather popular. 

A speedy glimpse astatine Steamcharts reveals that determination are 29,000 oregon truthful concurrent players astatine the clip of this writing. Wow! Obviously, Steamcharts is not a be-all metric, but that’s inactive a earnestly steadfast subordinate basal for a crippled that’s 15 years old. Of course, things proceed to alteration implicit clip with a sandbox acquisition similar this, truthful players are inactive creating and discovering caller things. Games wrong games, experiences wrong experiences. Many platforms today, from Roblox to Core to custom-map settings successful Dota clasp the “build your ain fun” doctrine that Garry’s Mod seems to person spurred successful communities. 

Via modes, determination are hundreds of different games you tin play wrong Garry’s Mod, immoderate of which look to find their mode each implicit the spot into different games. It’s similar a gaming ouroboros wherever ideas swirl and churn, and yet travel to Fortnite. That’s however the satellite works, right? Modding, mapping, and modding communities person been liable for galore breakthrough crippled genres implicit the years, and the adjacent 1 is ever close astir the corner. What comes aft the conflict royale craze? It mightiness beryllium happening successful Garry's Mod close now!

Have you played Garry’s Mod? What’s your favourite mode oregon game? Let america cognize successful the comments! 

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