'Goodfellas' co-stars and others pay tribute to Ray Liotta

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The shocking decease of Ray Liotta caused an outpouring of grief successful Hollywood.

Liotta was moving connected a task successful the Dominican Republic and died successful his sleep, his publicist told CNN Thursday. He was 67.

His relation arsenic real-life mobster Henry Hill successful “Goodfellas” was 1 of his astir famous. The film’s director, Martin Scorsese, said successful a connection to People that helium was “absolutely shocked and devastated by the sudden, unexpected decease of Ray Liotta.”

“He was truthful uniquely gifted, truthful adventurous, truthful courageous arsenic an actor. Playing Henry Hill successful ‘Goodfellas’ was a gangly order, due to the fact that the quality had truthful galore antithetic facets, truthful galore analyzable layers, and Ray was successful astir each country of a long, pugnacious shoot,” the connection read. “He perfectly amazed me, and I’ll ever beryllium arrogant of the enactment we did unneurotic connected that picture. My bosom goes retired to his loved ones, and it aches for his loss, mode excessively early.”

Co-star Robert De Niro said: “I was precise saddened to larn of Ray’s passing. He is mode excessively young to person near us.”

Lorraine Bracco played Hill’s woman successful the movie and on Thursday tweeted that she was “utterly shattered to perceive this unspeakable quality astir my Ray.”

“I tin beryllium anyplace successful the satellite & radical volition travel up & archer maine their favourite movie is Goodfellas,” she wrote. “Then they ever inquire what was the champion portion of making that movie. My effect has ever been the same…Ray Liotta.”

Another “Goodfellas” co-star, Debi Mazar, wrote connected Instagram: “Goodbye Ray..Thankyou for the memories,your generosity astatine work,your wicked consciousness of humor,your earthy grit&lazer stare. You had maine astatine ‘Dominick & Eugene’ One of a kind. ..”

Kevin Costner starred with Liotta successful the movie “Field of Dreams” and tweeted his condolences.

“Devastated to perceive the quality of Ray Liotta’s passing. While helium leaves an unthinkable legacy, he’ll ever beryllium ‘Shoeless Joe Jackson’ successful my heart,” Costner wrote on with a clip of a the 2 of them successful the film. “What happened that infinitesimal successful the movie was real. God gave america that stunt. Now God has Ray.”

His “Shades of Blue” co-star Jennifer Lopez tweeted that Liotta was “the epitome of a pugnacious feline who was each mushy connected the inside.”

“We shared immoderate aggravated moments connected acceptable those 3 years!” she wrote. “When I archetypal heard helium took the occupation connected Shades of Blue I was thrilled, and the archetypal clip we walked connected acceptable to bash our archetypal country unneurotic determination was an electrical spark and a communal respect and we some knew this was going to beryllium good.

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