Google Workspace cheat sheet: Complete guide for 2022

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Google Workspace is simply a acceptable of connection and collaboration apps built for radical successful organizations. The halfway Google Workspace connection apps, specified arsenic Gmail and Google Meet, are wide utilized astir the world, arsenic are the collaboration apps, specified arsenic Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. The collaboration apps person been built from the opening to let aggregate radical to edit a document, spreadsheet oregon presumption simultaneously.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace accounts are created and managed by an administrator, successful opposition to the modular escaped Gmail oregon Google accounts that an idiosyncratic whitethorn create. The head has sizeable power implicit Google Workspace defaults, app entree and information settings. Workspace allows antithetic configurations to beryllium applied to antithetic groups of radical — or, successful Workspace terms, antithetic organizational units. Google Workspace tin beryllium configured to service organizations that woody with highly delicate information arsenic well. For example, an head whitethorn forestall offline retention of Workspace data, specified arsenic email, calendar items and Drive files.

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What apps are portion of Google Workspace?

The pursuing apps are disposable arsenic portion of the halfway offering for astir editions of Google Workspace. For much details astir each app, click the nexus sanction to spell to the corresponding Google Workspace page.

One important facet of Workspace apps is speed. Google offers .new shortcuts, which, erstwhile entered successful a modern browser’s URL box, make a caller point of the benignant indicated. For example, creates a caller Google Calendar event, portion creates a caller Google Doc.

  • Gmail: The world’s astir wide utilized email service
  • Calendar: Scheduling solution (
  • Meet / Meet hardware: Group video and audio conferencing (
  • Chat / Spaces: Team conversations and task places
  • Drive: Private unreality retention that besides allows shared drives and files
  • Docs: Collaborative documents (
  • Sheets: Collaborative spreadsheets (
  • Slides: Collaborative presentations (
  • Forms: Customizable forms and surveys (
  • Keep: Collaborative notes ( oregon
  • Sites: Collaborative websites (

The pursuing offerings are not prominently featured arsenic halfway Workspace apps, but are often available, depending connected the variation of Google Workspace you use. In immoderate cases, these necessitate further purchases.

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What bash I request to entree Google Workspace?

A modern browser (Chrome powerfully recommended)

On desktop platforms, specified arsenic Windows and macOS, Google Workspace apps whitethorn beryllium accessed with a modern web browser. In astir cases, organizations that usage Workspace volition besides privation to standardize connected the Google Chrome browser. Signing successful to your Workspace relationship with the Chrome browser not lone gives you entree to Workspace apps, but besides lets you leverage immoderate Chrome-only features. For example, if an head allows it, radical whitethorn configure Gmail, Docs, Sheets and Slides to sync locally for offline work. Many different modern browsers, specified arsenic Microsoft Edge, Firefox Browser and Safari, fto radical usage astir Google Workspace app features portion online.

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Google Drive for desktop

For Windows and macOS systems, Google offers Google Drive for Desktop (formerly Google Drive File Stream), which lets radical browse Drive files and folders with a locally installed app. This makes the acquisition of navigating items stored connected Drive overmuch similar navigating the section record system.

Android, iOS and iPadOS apps

Several Google Workspace apps are disposable to beryllium installed connected Android, iOS and iPadOS systems. For example, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Chat, Keep and Currents each whitethorn beryllium downloaded and installed either from Google Play (Android) oregon the iOS App Store (Apple).

Note: Currently, nary mobile apps beryllium for either Google Sites oregon Google Forms, though websites oregon forms created by those apps bash enactment good connected mobile devices.

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Optional: Hardware and Chrome Enterprise

Many organizations that usage Google Workspace besides take to acquisition related items, specified arsenic Chromebooks, Google Meet hardware, Jamboard devices oregon Google Voice telephone equipment. All of these devices and their related services whitethorn beryllium connected to your organization’s Workspace relationship to beryllium configured by a Workspace administrator.

Chromebooks (and different Chrome OS devices successful assorted formats, specified arsenic tablets oregon 2-in-1s) let radical to motion successful with a Google Workspace account, past summation afloat entree to each Workspace apps. Most modern Chromebooks tin tally Android apps, galore tally Linux apps and a fewer higher-end devices tally Windows apps with the assistance of third-party software. Chrome Enterprise controls lets an head afloat negociate and deploy Chrome and Chrome devices.

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What editions of Google Workspace are available?

Google differentiates Workspace editions by fig of accounts, lawsuit enactment benignant and capabilities. First, the Business editions are lone disposable for organizations that request up to 300 idiosyncratic accounts. Organizations that request much than 300 accounts should interaction Google to research Enterprise editions. If you privation Workspace for a azygous user, you mightiness see Google Workspace Individual, but you besides could prime immoderate Business oregon Enterprise edition.

Second, immoderate editions are lone disposable to circumstantial types of organizations, specified arsenic nonprofit and acquisition organizations.

Third, retention limits, Meet limits (participant numbers and the signaling option), absorption capabilities (security configuration and reports) and entree to definite apps thin to summation arsenic you determination from Starter to Standard to Plus editions.

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Pricing varies, based connected some your enactment and the Google Workspace edition. For example, acquisition institutions and nonprofit organizations whitethorn suffice to usage immoderate editions of Workspace for free, though these organizations besides whitethorn take to upgrade to paid versions for enhanced capabilities and controls.

Below, is simply a elaborate database of the editions offered; for pricing information, cheque retired Google’s pricing page. Beyond the editions listed, Google besides promotes Google Workspace for Government, Google Workspace for healthcare and Google Workspace for retail businesses, among others.

Google Workspace Individual

In mid-June 2021, Google announced a caller Individual variation that includes booking services and email marketing, on with entree to the halfway Workspace apps. Google Workspace Individual variation makes consciousness erstwhile 1 idiosyncratic wants Workspace apps and does not request to adhd oregon negociate immoderate further accounts. For example, Individual variation would marque consciousness for a person’s part-time broadside concern oregon for a solo entrepreneur. Individual subscription volition outgo $9.99 per month, with an introductory terms of $7.99 per month.

Google Workspace Business editions (from 1 to 300 accounts)

Most smaller organizations volition take 1 of these 3 plans:

  • Business Starter: $6 per progressive account/month
  • Business Standard: $12 per progressive account/month
  • Business Plus: $18 per progressive account/month

The cardinal differences betwixt the plans are the magnitude of retention (Starter 30 GB per user, Standard 2 TB per idiosyncratic pooled, Plus 5 TB per idiosyncratic pooled), maximum fig of video gathering participants (Starter 100 Meet participants, Standard 150 Meet participants, Plus 250 Meet participants) and Meet signaling capabilities, which are not disposable for Starter, but are disposable to Standard and Plus accounts.

For much details astir retention differences betwixt plans, spot Google Workspace storage: 3 indispensable things you request to know. Plus besides gains further entree to Google Vault and much endpoint absorption controls.

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Google Workspace Enterprise editions (from 1 to immoderate fig of accounts)

Organizations that request much than 300 accounts volition request an Enterprise edition, which gives you entree to much method information and absorption controls. The Enterprise Plus variation adds entree to unlimited storage. Smaller organizations that privation entree to these features are eligible to motion up for an Enterprise edition, arsenic there’s nary minimum fig of idiosyncratic accounts required for either Enterprise Standard oregon Enterprise Plus accounts. However, these features typically are astir utile successful organizations with greater numbers of radical and devices. Google does not supply published pricing for these editions, truthful you’ll request to interaction their income staff.

Google Workspace Essentials variation (for organizations with existing email and calendaring solutions)

You tin support your existent emails and calendaring solution, specified arsenic Microsoft 365, and adhd Google Workspace Essentials. This lets radical successful your enactment collaborate with Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Meet, Sites and Keep, which they whitethorn usage alongside bequest solutions. Essentials Starter whitethorn beryllium utilized by up to 25 radical successful an enactment for free.

Google Workspace Frontline edition

Designed to alteration communications betwixt frontline workers and different employees, the Frontline edition includes entree to halfway Workspace apps, specified arsenic Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites, arsenic good arsenic endpoint absorption features to unafraid information connected mobile devices. Storage, however, is constricted to 2 GB per account. Google does not people pricing for Frontline edition, and requires imaginable customers to interaction sales.

Google Workspace Education editions (for qualified acquisition institutions only)

Qualifying institutions, specified arsenic K-12 schools arsenic good arsenic colleges and universities, whitethorn use to entree Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals for free. This not lone gives students, teachers, medication and unit entree to Workspace collaborations apps, but besides importantly includes entree to Google Classroom. The Google Classroom app provides a structured mode for teachers to stock lessons with students, for students to implicit and crook successful work, and for teachers to people and springiness feedback connected that work.

The Education editions offered include:

  • Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals: Free for qualifying institutions
  • Google Workspace for Education Standard: $3 per pupil per year
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade: $4 per licence per month
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus: $5 per pupil per twelvemonth (formerly G Suite Enterprise for Education)

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Google Workspace Nonprofit editions (for qualified nonprofit organizations only)

Organizations that use and suffice tin usage Google Workspace for Nonprofits astatine nary cost, which is fundamentally the Google Workspace Starter Edition. However, Google besides gives nonprofit organizations the quality to upgrade to different editions astatine a important discount. Plans and pricing for qualified and approved nonprofit organizations include:

  • Google Workspace for Nonprofits: Free for qualifying organizations
  • Business Standard: $3 per relationship per month
  • Business Plus: $5.04 per relationship per month
  • Enterprise editions: Discounted astir 70% from modular prices

Why would I see paying for Google Workspace if I tin usage galore features for free?

There are astatine slightest 3 reasons to upgrade to a paid Google Workspace account, alternatively of simply utilizing a escaped Gmail account:

  1. Branding: You whitethorn configure Workspace to enactment with your organization’s domain name. That way, emails you nonstop are from your domain (e.g.,, alternatively than from a address.
  2. Account management: Since Workspace allows you to centrally negociate accounts, you whitethorn make oregon region idiosyncratic accounts arsenic employees articulation oregon permission your organization.
  3. Security: An head tin amended information settings to necessitate longer passwords, two-factor authentication and bounds outer sharing, among galore different options that trim the hazard of undesired information leaks.

What is the simplest mode to acceptable up Google Workspace?

For a caller organization, spell to Google Domains to acquisition the domain sanction of your choice. Once you person registered your domain name, the strategy offers the enactment to prime and acceptable up Google Workspace accounts for the domain. This method eliminates respective domain sanction server configuration steps you would different request to bash manually.

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Can we usage Google Workspace if we historically person utilized Office files?

Yes. Google Workspace includes respective features to enactment organizations that person files successful Microsoft Office record formats. Google Drive supports retention of galore types of files, including .doc/.docx, .xls/.xlsx and .ppt/.pptx. Google Drive for desktop lets you unfastened and edit these files with locally installed Office software, if you like.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides enactment autochthonal editing and collaboration of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, respectively. Gmail besides lets you rapidly save, unfastened oregon edit Office record attachments you mightiness receive, arsenic well.

What third-party apps enactment with Google Workspace?

When you privation further apps that enactment with Workspace, your archetypal halt should beryllium The Google Workspace Marketplace — a directory of third-party apps maintained by Google. These apps scope from productivity apps (e.g. LucidChart Diagrams, MindMeister, Trello) to signature services (e.g. DocuSign, HelloSign) to retention services (e.g. Box, Dropbox) to backup providers (e.g. Backupify, Spanning Backup), among hundreds of others.

Workspace besides includes the quality to link to third-party apps with Single Sign-On and Security Assertion Markup Language. This allows radical successful your enactment to motion successful to their Workspace account, past summation entree to connected third-party web apps without immoderate further request to authenticate. In immoderate cases, the strategy tin beryllium configured to automatically adhd a caller relationship astatine a third-party work whenever a caller Google Workspace relationship is created. The Pre-integrated SAML apps catalog lists the assorted vendors that connection this benignant of integration.

What are immoderate alternatives to Google Workspace?

Microsoft 365 offers a likewise broad, enterprise-management affable acceptable of collaboration and connection tools. Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams, stay arsenic modular applications utilized successful galore organizations. Other overmuch little commonly adopted alternatives to Google Workspace see Zoho Workplace, Nextcloud and KolabNow.

Individuals who don’t request the organizational email and relationship absorption capabilities, but privation to enactment connected documents mightiness see alternatives to Docs, Sheets and Slides, specified arsenic LibreOffice oregon CryptPad. People who usage Apple devices should research Apple’s iWork apps (i.e., Pages, Numbers and Keynote).

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