Growing e-commerce tech is helping SMBs meet new consumer demands

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on June 23, 2022, 6:15 AM PDT

Growing e-commerce tech is helping SMBs conscionable caller user demands

Learn however tech companies similar ShipStation tin amended the logistical capabilities of your business.

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The advent of the pandemic has brought astir seismic changes to user behavior, arsenic quarantining measures aboriginal connected shifted the mode radical devour goods. This rapidly spurred e-commerce buying to unexpected levels, launching e-commerce maturation to levels  that weren’t expected for immoderate years to come. Yet, present and now, we are witnessing the improvement of retail, e-commerce and what constitutes the quintessential user buying experience.

The pandemic has created respective stark changes successful user mentality — the astir predominant being the influx of integer shopping. During the lockdowns, astir consumers near their homes arsenic small arsenic possible, which meant that buying was chiefly relegated to e-commerce purchases. Many of this dependable watercourse of consumers went to Amazon, looking for ways to walk their clip and stimulus checks. However, predominantly brick-and-mortar businesses that witnessed the occurrence of e-commerce ended up adopting immoderate signifier of integer commerce successful an effort to support income from lapsing entirely.

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More than conscionable the method of buying has changed for consumers implicit the past 2 years. Perhaps 1 of the astir important changes was a driblet successful income levels for galore households. One-third of the American colonisation reported a alteration successful household income during the people of the pandemic. This has led consumers to beryllium wary of what they’re spending their wealth on. As a result, marque loyalty has taken a deed arsenic galore consumers — present much price-conscious — person been much consenting to effort chartless brands to chopped down connected costs. This signifier has lone grown further owed to the summation successful inflation, with 2022 bringing astir the highest ostentation complaint successful implicit 40 years.

How ShipStation tin assistance accommodate to ever-changing user habits

With the continued maturation of e-commerce and the summation successful mindful buying habits, determination volition undoubtedly beryllium an summation successful instrumentality logistics. It is estimated that astir $573 cardinal worthy of goods volition beryllium returned to retailers passim 2022, 4 times the full e-commerce measurement successful 2008. Logistics capabilities volition beryllium further strained arsenic companies volition person to contend with some the incoming and outgoing merchandise flows.

While user trends volition proceed to displacement and change, the past 24 months person highlighted the weaknesses wrong the planetary proviso chain. Simply put, the logistical capabilities of galore companies and industries person fallen abbreviated of the mark, particularly successful their e-commerce capabilities. Technology players specified arsenic ShipStation and different tech-driven third-party logistics providers volition instrumentality a much progressive relation arsenic galore companies volition beryllium looking to augment their logistics capabilities with caller technology.

Such capabilities see batch statement printing, automations, bid tracking updates, returns portals and heavy discounted shipping rates which let for businesses of each sizes to run and standard much efficiently.

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Small and medium-sized businesses tin present compete, acknowledgment to a assortment of logistics visibility tools, seamless transportation solutions and freight-matching platforms that assistance navigate the proviso concatenation chaos. Such solutions democratize and level the playing field, allowing SMBs to basal up to the mightiness of Amazon, adjacent if they bash not person the economies of standard that Amazon has enjoyed implicit the years.

Ultimately, this culminates successful creating an ecosystem wherever extremity consumers person much choices to bargain from and, much importantly, travel to expect the aforesaid level of work crossed each antithetic platforms — beryllium it an SMB playing successful a niche conception oregon a behemoth similar Amazon that lists conscionable astir everything connected their carousel.

Learn however ShipStation tin assistance your concern accommodate to ever-changing user habits.

Author Adam Foster is the Director of Content Marketing astatine ShipStation. Adam and his squad make assorted types of contented that thrust ShipStation’s ngo of helping merchants marque shipping simpler and much affordable, allowing them to turn their business. He believes entree to accusation and ecommerce trends is captious for tiny concern owners to marque the close choices for their businesses.

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