How to add and manage groups in SFTPGo

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After deploying a level for the storing and sharing of files and directories, 1 of the archetypal things you’ll privation to bash is commencement adding and managing groups. With groups, you tin amended power who has entree to what without having to instrumentality attraction of it connected a user-by-user basis. By employing groups, you tin adhd users who volition inherit the permissions recovered wrong the radical truthful it’s much efficient.

But not each level is the aforesaid and immoderate bash necessitate a spot of other attraction to get right. One specified level is SFTPGo. Although connected the surface, it looks arsenic though it should beryllium precise elemental to negociate users and groups, you bash person to spell the other mile to marque definite it each works.

Let maine amusement you what I mean by walking you done the process of adding a radical and past adding a idiosyncratic to that group.

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What you’ll need

To marque this work, you’ll archetypal request a moving lawsuit of SFTPGo, which I elaborate successful How to instal the SFTPGo STFP server connected Ubuntu 22.04. You’ll besides request SSH entree to the server SFTPGo was installed connected and a idiosyncratic with sudo privileges.

How to adhd a radical and idiosyncratic successful Linux

One of the caveats to utilizing SFTPGo is that you can’t simply adhd users and groups successful the admin GUI and expect them to use to the system. Yes, you tin adhd groups and users wrong the SFTPGo GUI, but I’ve recovered erstwhile you lone make the users and groups wrong the SFTPGo, they won’t really beryllium connected the hosting system, truthful they won’t enactment arsenic expected.

In different words, successful bid for a user/group to relation successful SFTPGo, you indispensable besides make them connected the Linux host. Here’s how.

How to adhd a radical to Linux

SSH into your SFTPGo big arsenic a idiosyncratic with sudo privileges, and adhd the caller radical similar so:

sudo addgroup GROUPNAME

Where GROUPNAME is the sanction of the radical to beryllium added.

Once you’ve added the caller group, you tin past adhd a idiosyncratic to it. Before you tin bash that, you indispensable adhd the idiosyncratic to the strategy with the command:

sudo adduser USERNAME

Where USERNAME is the sanction of the user.

Next, you tin past adhd a idiosyncratic to the radical with the command:

sudo usermod -aG GROUP USERNAME

Where GROUP is the radical sanction and USERNAME is the idiosyncratic name.

How to make a directory and adhd a radical to it

The adjacent caveat is that a directory indispensable really beryllium connected the big strategy earlier it tin beryllium used. You tin make the directory — either arsenic a virtual directory oregon a user’s location directory — in SFTPGo, but if that directory isn’t connected the big strategy with the due ownership, it won’t beryllium of immoderate usage to SFTPGo.

So, let’s make a directory and past alteration the radical ownership. Say, for instance, you’ve created a radical named dev1 and you privation to past make a directory named /developers and adhd the dev1 radical arsenic an owner. Here’s how:

  1. Create the directory with sudo mkdir /developers.
  2. Change the radical ownership with sudo chown -R .dev1 /developers.

Outstanding. Now, arsenic agelong arsenic a idiosyncratic is simply a subordinate of the dev1 group, they’ll person entree to the /developers directory.

Now, we tin caput implicit to SFTPGo and adhd these caller users and groups.

How to adhd a radical successful SFTPGo

Before we adhd a user, let’s archetypal adhd a group. To bash that, log into the SFTPGo admin sheet arsenic an admin idiosyncratic and spell to Groups. In this window, click + to make a caller group. In the caller radical instauration model (Figure A), capable retired the indispensable accusation utilizing the sanction of the radical and the group’s location directory that we created earlier from the bid line.

Figure A

Adding a caller radical successful SFTPGo.

After filling retired the indispensable information, click Submit to prevention the group.

How to adhd a idiosyncratic successful SFTPGo

Next, spell to View and Manage Users. In that model (Figure B) click + to adhd the caller user.

Figure B

The User Management model of SFTPGo.

In the resulting model (Figure C), capable retired each of the details for the caller user.

Figure C

The caller idiosyncratic instauration surface for SFTPGo.

Let’s accidental you privation the caller user’s location directory to beryllium the /developers directory you added. For that, you’ll privation to archetypal delegate the idiosyncratic to the caller radical you created — successful this case, dev1 — and past participate /developers arsenic the caller user’s location directory.

Once you’ve filled retired the indispensable information, scroll down and click Submit to prevention the user.

At this point, immoderate of your caller users tin log into SFTPGo via the web interface, their desktop record manager oregon the bid enactment and enactment with the folders they person support to access.

This isn’t precisely the simplest FTP server connected the planet, but erstwhile you get the basics acceptable up for users and groups, things should go considerably easier for you. Maybe, successful fig releases, the developers volition marque it specified that users, groups and folders created wrong the web UI volition really beryllium reflected successful the big strategy to simplify the process. In the meantime, you present cognize however to get astir this insignificant shortcoming.

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