How to customize the macOS Mail toolbar

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How to customize the macOS Mail toolbar

Mail is 1 of the astir commonly utilized macOS autochthonal apps, and you tin importantly heighten your regular enactment with the program. Here's however to customize the Mail toolbar to amended mundane use.

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There’s a temptation particularly erstwhile archetypal utilizing a caller Mac to usage applications as-is. But galore advantages are waiting — sometimes, you conscionable request to customize a fewer options. A large exertion with which to statesman is macOS’s ain Mail.

While astir everyone is alert the email lawsuit supports a assortment of customizations, galore mightiness beryllium amazed to larn that adjusting the toolbar to amended accommodate needs and habits requires, literally, conscionable seconds. Yet these elemental toolbar customizations tin prevention clip and aggregate clicks respective times an hr each day.

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The Mail toolbar itself tin beryllium shown oregon hidden. If erstwhile Mail is unfastened you don’t spot the toolbar present, arsenic shown successful Figure A, click View and prime Show Toolbar.

Figure A

The macOS Mail toolbar accommodates galore enactment icons and shortcuts that tin beryllium adjusted to idiosyncratic users’ preferences.

The Mail toolbar besides supports displaying enactment icons by themselves oregon unneurotic with explanatory text. Right-click the toolbar and prime from 1 of 3 options to set the presentation:

  1. Icon and text: macOS displays some the action’s icon (such arsenic the backward-facing arrow) and the action’s corresponding statement (Reply) with text.
  2. Icon only: macOS displays lone an action’s icon.
  3. Text only: macOS displays lone an action’s substance description.

The existent actions disposable from the macOS Mail toolbar are adjusted by right-clicking the toolbar and selecting Customize Toolbar, arsenic shown successful Figure B.

Figure B

The macOS toolbar supports adding and removing shortcuts for a fig of actions, including replying, replying each and forwarding.

When enabling toolbar customization, toolbar icons and descriptions shingle side-to-side to bespeak they’re acceptable for accommodation and that the idiosyncratic is successful toolbar customization mode. To reposition a toolbar command, click the corresponding toolbar enactment and resistance it to the determination wherever you’d similar the enactment to beryllium positioned.

Toolbar icons and descriptions tin besides beryllium removed from the toolbar. To region a toolbar action, portion inactive successful the toolbar customization mode, simply click the enactment you privation to region and resistance it down and disconnected the toolbar.

To adhd a toolbar action, portion successful toolbar customization mode, click and resistance the enactment oregon shortcut you privation to adhd to the Mail toolbar to the determination wherever you’d similar the enactment oregon shortcut positioned.

Numerous Mail actions and shortcuts are available, including the following, arsenic shown successful Figure C:

  • Add Sender To Contact
  • Archive
  • Delete
  • Flag
  • Get Mail
  • Increase/decrease Font Size
  • Junk
  • Mark Read
  • Mark Unread
  • New Message
  • Print
  • Show/hide Sidebar
  • View Headers

Figure C

macOS Mail supports adding galore actions and shortcuts to the app’s toolbar menu.

While successful toolbar customization mode, macOS users tin besides alteration the toolbar action’s show features by selecting Icon and Text, Icon Only oregon Text Only from the drop-down paper included successful the toolbar customization menu.

While Apple developers person done good creating a reliable email programme much than susceptible of lasting up to the demands wrong adjacent an endeavor environment, customizing the toolbar you spot each time helps guarantee the programme remains matched to your regular habits arsenic you require. Just retrieve to instrumentality clip to set the toolbar according to your preferences.

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