How to customize your Lock Screen in iOS 16

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How to customize your Lock Screen successful iOS 16

Lock Screen customization on with widgets is 1 of the apical features successful iOS 16 that users volition undoubtedly usage connected a regular basis. Learn however to customize your Lock Screen, adhd widgets and delegate them to Focus modes.

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The Lock Screen successful iOS 16 has been wholly reimagined by Apple and volition summation your quality to presumption accusation rapidly close from the infinitesimal you prime up your device. Not lone tin you customize your Lock Screen with widgets and alteration the colour oregon fonts similar connected watchOS ticker faces, but you tin besides make much than 1 Lock Screen, allowing you to swap betwixt Lock Screens for work, home, abrogation oregon thing successful between.

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Let’s look astatine however to customize a Lock Screen successful iOS 16, and however to make aggregate Lock Screens and delegate them to Focus modes truthful they tin alteration automatically depending connected which Focus you’ve selected.

How to customize your Lock Screen

Customizing the Lock Screen successful iOS 16 allows you not lone to take the inheritance of your choice, but besides to customize the font, colour and widgets that are connected the Lock Screen arsenic well. To statesman customizing the Lock Screen, travel these steps:

Figure A

The Lock Screen picker that appears erstwhile you archetypal customize oregon adhd a Lock Screen.
  1. Lock your instrumentality to spell to the Lock Screen, past pat and clasp connected the surface to amusement the Lock Screen picker (Figure A).
  2. Select Customize astatine the bottommost of the archetypal Lock Screen.
  3. Select a caller wallpaper from the assemblage that includes some Apple-selected images and iOS 16 picked images from your Photo Library.
  4. Tap connected the substance to customize the colors and fonts, oregon pat connected the + fastener successful the widget country to adhd a widget from the widget picker (Figure B).
  5. Tap Done erstwhile you’re done customizing the colors, inheritance and widgets.

Once you’ve done this, your caller customized Lock Screen volition beryllium utilized connected your device.

Figure B

Choose the font and colour you privation to usage for the Lock Screen from the Font & Color picker.

How to make further Lock Screens

Using the aforesaid method arsenic above, aggregate Lock Screens tin beryllium created. Swipe near oregon close successful the Lock Screen assemblage aft long-pressing connected the Lock Screen to presumption each of your created Lock Screens, oregon property the + fastener to make a marque caller Lock Screen.

Single pat connected immoderate Lock Screen successful the picker to activate it arsenic your existent Lock Screen manually, oregon acceptable up your Lock Screens utilizing Focus modes successful the conception below.

How to delegate Lock Screens to Focus modes

Multiple Lock Screens are a large mode to easy power betwixt assorted times of day, specified arsenic work, location oregon abrogation mode, truthful that you lone spot the details you need.

To delegate a Lock Screen to a Focus Mode:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Focus.
  3. Select the Focus mode you’d similar to delegate a Lock Screen to.
  4. Select Choose nether “Customize Screens” for the Lock Screen enactment (Figure C).
  5. Select the Lock Screen to use, past pat Done.

Whenever you activate this Focus mode connected your device, past the Lock Screen volition automatically alteration to bespeak the selected Lock Screen successful these preferences.

Figure C

You tin prime from an existing Lock Screen oregon customize a Lock Screen straight from the Focus mode selector.

Note these tips successful this nonfiction subordinate to iOS 16, presently successful beta. iOS 16 volition beryllium released to the nationalist arsenic a beta successful July 2022, and successful last merchandise signifier successful Fall 2022.

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