How to digitally sign email in Apple Mail

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Adding a integer signature to your email is conscionable 1 elemental measurement you tin instrumentality successful your travel for much unafraid communications. Jack Wallen shows you however this is done successful the latest mentation of Apple Mail.


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Digitally signing an email mightiness not beryllium a singular means to a unafraid end, but it tin astatine slightest assistance recipients of your email amended spot the missives you nonstop them. Although this isn't thing you (and your recipients) tin perfectly number connected to guarantee what you nonstop really comes from you and tin beryllium trusted, each small happening counts erstwhile it comes to security.

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Some email clients marque digitally signing easier than others. Although Apple products thin to autumn nether the class of user-friendliness, signing an email successful Apple Mail isn't rather arsenic intuitive arsenic you mightiness think. However, it's not excessively challenging.

Let maine amusement you how.

What you'll request

The lone happening you'll request is simply a moving lawsuit of Apple Mail. I'll beryllium demonstrating connected the latest mentation of macOS (Big Sur 11.6).

How to make a self-signed certificate

The archetypal happening you'll request to bash is make a self-signed certificate for Apple Mail to usage successful the signing. To bash that, click connected Launchpad and benignant keychain access. When the Keychain Access app appears, click the icon to motorboat the application. 

In the Keychain Access app, click Keychain Access | Certificate Assistant | Create a Certificate. In the resulting model (Figure A), benignant your name, cheque the container for Let Me Override Defaults, and click Create.

Figure A


Creating the self-signed certificate successful Apple Keychain Access.

Walk done the instauration wizard, accepting the defaults, until you travel to the surface that allows you to participate the email associated with the certificate (Figure B).

Figure B


This is wherever you tin prime the email to subordinate with the certificate.

This lone applies if you person aggregate email accounts configured successful Apple Mail. If you do, marque definite to benignant the close email code you privation to subordinate with the certificate. Fill retired the remainder of the accusation and click Continue. You tin past click Continue (accepting each defaults) until you spot the Create button, astatine which constituent click it to make the certificate.

When the certificate instauration completes, click Done and past adjacent the Keychain Access application.

How to motion an email with the caller certificate

Open Apple Mail and click File | New Message. In the creation window, hover your cursor implicit the From tract and a drop-down volition appear. Click the drop-down and prime the email code associated with the newly-created certificate. On the close broadside of the creation window, you should spot a fastener and a bluish certificate badge (Figure C), indicating the email is signed. 

Figure C


The outgoing email is signed with the integer certificate.

When you deed Send for the email, you volition beryllium prompted to benignant your idiosyncratic password earlier the email tin beryllium sent. Upon successfully receiving the email, the recipient volition beryllium capable to presumption the certificate. They volition intelligibly spot the certificate is not valid (because it's self-signed). To debar purchasing certificate authorities for specified an occasion, I often adhd a non-standard reply to the certificate details, thing that I tin past stock with the recipient, truthful they cognize the certificate is decidedly mine. For example, erstwhile creating the certificate, alternatively of a institution sanction successful the organization, I mightiness adhd a opus rubric and past stock that accusation with the recipients, truthful they tin beryllium definite the email has astir surely travel from maine (unless idiosyncratic broke into my MacBook Pro and sent an email from that circumstantial account.

No, this isn't foolproof, but it's a bully archetypal measurement to bring your email to a caller level of security. Should you beryllium connected this arsenic your lone step? No. But thing is amended than nothing. In today's satellite of changeless hacks and breaches, you request to instrumentality each precaution possible. 

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