How to embed content as a full page in Google Sites

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How to embed contented arsenic a afloat leafage successful Google Sites

Fill a leafage connected your tract with a map, video oregon Drive document, oregon embed a full-page calendar oregon bookable assignment schedule.

full leafage   representation  for Google Sites connected  a laptop Image/Photo: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

In May 2022, Google added the quality to embed contented arsenic a afloat leafage successful Google Sites alternatively than limiting it to a conception of a page. With this, you whitethorn capable a Google Site leafage with embedded Google Maps, YouTube videos, documents, forms oregon presentations from Google Drive. A full-page embed lets you diagnostic your selected contented surrounded lone by minimal Google Site navigation elements.

To embed full-page content, motion successful to your Google relationship and unfastened a Google Site to which you person edit privileges, past travel the steps below.

Create your page

First, you request to adhd a caller leafage designated to service arsenic a full-page embed to your site. With your tract open, prime the Pages tab, past the + fastener adjacent the bottommost of the file and past take Full Page Embed, arsenic shown successful Figure A. Enter a sanction for the page, past prime Done.

a leafage   with indicators to amusement   however  to embed contented  arsenic  a afloat  leafage   successful  Google Sites Figure A: With the Page tab selected, take the + fastener astatine the bottommost of the page, past take the Full Page Embed option.

Insert embed URL, codification oregon contented from Google Drive

Next, you’ll prime the contented to embed. There are 2 ways to bash this. The archetypal option, disposable instantly aft you’ve created your caller page, is to prime either Add Embed oregon Add From Drive. Alternatively, astatine immoderate clip erstwhile you person your leafage open, prime the Insert tab, past either the Embed oregon Drive options instantly beneath it oregon 1 of the options displayed successful the list: YouTube, Calendar, Map, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms oregon Charts, arsenic shown successful Figure B.

an illustration  tract  presumption    with indicators showing antithetic  embed options Figure B: On a Google Site leafage added arsenic a afloat leafage embed, take Embed to adhd a URL oregon embed code, oregon prime Drive to prime an point from Google Drive. Alternatively, you whitethorn straight take to embed immoderate of the items from the menu: YouTube, Calendar, Map, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms oregon Charts. (Note: The dotted reddish lines bespeak these options are equivalent, offering 2 antithetic ways to entree the aforesaid embed task.)

When you insert either a video from YouTube oregon an point from Google Drive, Sites adjusts the contented to capable the screen. Specifically, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings arsenic good arsenic Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files each acceptable the tract show size. Items that whitethorn beryllium multi-page, specified arsenic PDFs, Docs, Word and PowerPoint files, show truthful you whitethorn scroll down done the document. Google Slides presentations, for example, capable the surface (Figure C, right), successful opposition to a modular embed (Figure C, left), which displays the contented overmuch smaller.

side-by-side examination  of embedded contented  successful  a conception  of a leafage   versus the afloat  page Figure C: The Google Sites afloat leafage embed enactment emphasizes your embedded contented (right image), successful opposition to a modular embed, which restricts your contented to a conception of a leafage (left image).

If you take to embed a Google Map, you whitethorn either participate an code oregon prime from a antecedently saved map. An entered code volition show successful the precocious near of the embedded map, on with a nexus that offers radical directions. Organizations whitethorn find this an particularly utile mode to usher radical to locations.

Full leafage embedded Google Calendar contented includes presumption controls, which fto tract visitors prime week, period oregon docket show options. Visitors whitethorn besides navigate to antithetic dates, arsenic usual, with immoderate embedded Google calendar.

If you take Insert > Embed, you whitethorn participate a URL. For example, if you usage an variation of Google Workspace that supports bookable assignment docket calendars, you whitethorn embed these arsenic a afloat leafage connected your Google Site.

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Navigate to your bookable assignment docket calendar; transcript the URL; and past successful Google Sites, take Insert > Embed > URL and paste the URL. If options display, adhd the Whole Page, not the Preview.

The bookable assignment docket present displays arsenic a full-page embed connected your site, arsenic shown successful Figure D, and adapts to show decently connected assorted surface sizes. Many third-party sites whitethorn beryllium added arsenic a afloat leafage embed to your Google Site with this method, though not each sites oregon services enactment embedding.

a palmy  full-page embed of a bookable assignment  schedule Figure D: If your Google Workspace variation allows you to make bookable assignment schedules, you whitethorn embed a docket arsenic a afloat leafage successful a Google Site.

Alternatively, you besides whitethorn prime Insert > Embed and paste an embed codification obtained elsewhere. For example, you mightiness spell done the steps astatine Twitter Publish to get the indispensable codification to embed a Tweet, a Twitter database oregon a Twitter hashtag search. While this embed antecedently placed third-party contented successful a peculiar information of a Google Site page, it present whitethorn beryllium embedded arsenic a afloat page.

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However, not each contented works good erstwhile embedded this way. In this case, embedded Twitter streams show arsenic expected connected smartphone and tablet surface sizes, but permission a spread of blank abstraction to the close broadside of the surface erstwhile viewed connected a wide-format laptop. Make definite to trial immoderate third-party contented embedded this mode to recognize however good it works.

What’s your experience?

If you usage Google Sites, what benignant of contented bash you embed connected your pages? How does the quality to embed contented arsenic a afloat leafage impact the plan of your Google Site? What bash you deliberation of however your embedded Google Map oregon YouTube video looks connected your site? If you usage bookable assignment schedules, has the full-page embed enactment made it easier for radical to motion up for clip with you?

Mention oregon connection maine connected Twitter (@awolber) to fto maine cognize however you usage the Google Sites full-page embed feature.

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