How to enable the ChromeOS dark theme

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Google includes a Dark Theme mounting successful ChromeOS Version 104, which, erstwhile turned connected changes galore interface elements from a airy to dark. The shelf, launcher, browser tabs and omnibox each power to a Dark Theme. That’s a utile alteration from precocious 2020, erstwhile you needed to prime a customized browser taxable arsenic portion of efforts to execute a akin appearance.

To entree the Dark Theme mounting successful ChromeOS, click connected the support wherever the artillery status, clip and Wi-Fi indicator display. Select the Dark Theme enactment to toggle the mounting betwixt Off and On. When you marque the change, the taxable of the support and settings adjusts immediately.

However, adjacent aft you prime the Dark Theme, not each tract — and not adjacent each Google-owned tract — reflects your selection. Google’s teams inactive person a important magnitude of enactment to bash to guarantee that each Google-owned tract respects your ChromeOS Dark Theme selection. In the meantime, here’s a look astatine respective options disposable to execute a Dark Theme connected ChromeOS.

The champion sites auto-detect the strategy theme

As of August 2022, YouTube settings enactment precisely arsenic you mightiness hope. The tract colour strategy matches the instrumentality theme: When you acceptable ChromeOS to Dark Theme, YouTube displays Dark Theme, arsenic shown successful Figure A connected the left. Select Light Theme for ChromeOS and YouTube volition show successful Light Theme, too.

Access these by selecting your Google relationship | Appearance, past take from Use Device Theme, Dark Theme oregon Light Theme settings.

You whitethorn manually alteration the theme, however, if you similar a antithetic taxable than ChromeOS. That’s helpful, since galore radical whitethorn similar a Light Theme for ChromeOS with a Dark Theme for YouTube videos.

Some sites fto you prime a theme

Google Search offers what mightiness beryllium champion called a elemental switch: Dark Theme on; Dark Theme off. That’s it. As of August 2022, your ChromeOS Dark Theme mounting is wholly disconnected from the hunt theme. Want Google hunt to show with a Dark Theme? You’ll request to spell to, prime Settings successful the lower-right corner, arsenic shown successful Figure A connected the right, past set the enactment to Dark Theme: On.

Figure A

Some sites, specified arsenic YouTube (on the left), tin usage the instrumentality theme. Other sites, specified arsenic Google (on the right), connection a mounting that whitethorn beryllium manually changed.

Other sites, specified arsenic Gmail, fto you use a site-specific theme. For example, prime the sprocket | View each | Dark | Save to use a Dark Theme to Gmail connected the web. For much details, spot my earlier nonfiction titled How to execute (mostly) acheronian mode connected a Chromebook: 4 tips.

How to usage a Chrome hold to marque sites dark

However, galore sites deficiency either an auto-applied acheronian mode oregon a selectable Dark Theme. For example, Google Docs and TechRepublic some show lone with a Light Theme.

One imaginable mode to darken this benignant of tract is with a emblem recovered successful ChromeOS 104: Type chrome://flags successful the browser, past hunt for Auto Dark and find the Auto Dark Mode For Web Contents setting. If you alteration the mounting to enable, you’ll request to prime the Restart fastener to use the change.

When you do, each web leafage you unfastened should show utilizing a Dark Theme. However, arsenic of August 2022, this mounting doesn’t set acheronian substance connected pages to beryllium readable. For example, accepted achromatic substance successful a Google Doc remains dark, arsenic bash immoderate menus successful Gmail. Because this mounting obscures content, astir radical volition find this enactment to beryllium unusable.

Third-party Chrome extensions, specified arsenic Dark Reader oregon Night Eye, connection to present acheronian mode connected each tract you visit. Both extensions effort to alteration Light Theme pages into Dark Theme ones. The default settings for each nutrient somewhat antithetic colour schemes.

For example, connected a TechRepublic leafage from an earlier article, Dark Reader turned the navigation paper items a shadiness of achromatic (Figure B, apical right), portion Night Eye turned the aforesaid items a shadiness of purple (Figure B, bottommost right). The antithetic extensions besides crook the rubric and subtitle substance somewhat antithetic shades, too.

Both extensions let for immoderate customization, truthful if you don’t similar the default adjustments, you whitethorn marque changes. Dark Reader is simply a free, unfastened root extension, portion Night Eye offers some a limited-feature escaped edition, Night Eye Lite, and full-featured paid edition, Night Eye Pro.

Figure B

On sites that neither auto-adapt nor connection a Dark Theme setting, third-party extensions use antithetic defaults to marque pages dark. On, for example, Dark Reader makes the paper items white, portion Night Eye turns the paper items purple.

None of the supra options — the ChromeOS Dark Theme mounting oregon third-party extensions — volition darken definite browser-protected pages, specified arsenic the Chrome Web Store. Google’s teams volition request to coordinate internally to let the ChromeOS Dark Theme mounting to set these presently-restricted pages.

What’s your penchant and experience?

If you usage ChromeOS, bash you typically permission the Dark Theme connected oregon off? Do you similar to use acheronian settings oregon themes connected each sites that connection them? Or bash you trust connected a third-party hold to execute a accordant Dark Theme acquisition successful the browser? Message oregon notation maine connected Twitter (@awolber) to fto maine cognize what you deliberation astir the Dark Theme successful ChromeOS.

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