How to import passwords into 1Password

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Jack Wallen walks you done the process of importing passwords from a CSV database into 1Password.

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At this constituent successful our timeline, beardown passwords person go tantamount to security. The occupation is that galore radical are stuck successful the aboriginal 2000s and are utilizing elemental passwords they tin memorize. Unfortunately, those elemental passwords are easy hacked.

What bash you do? Start utilizing analyzable passwords and effort to memorize each 1 of them? That’s a look for disaster. Instead, you should beryllium utilizing precise analyzable passwords and prevention them to a password manager. By doing this, you lone request to memorize 1 beardown password to summation entree to a vault filled with your passwords. Some password managers adjacent let you to adhd multi-factor authentication to further unafraid those vaults.

But which password manager should you use? The bully quality is that immoderate password manager you commencement using, you tin ever migrate to a caller 1 with much features and much security, specified arsenic 1Password.

With 1Password, you tin import vaults from different password managers with ease, truthful you tin migrate from your aged instrumentality to 1 that is often tagged arsenic best-in-class.

But however bash you import your existent password vault into 1Password? Let maine amusement you.

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What you’ll need

I’m going to show the process of importing a CSV (Comma Separated Value) database of passwords, arsenic astir each password managers tin export vaults to that benignant of database and 1Password supports specified imports. That means you’ll request to person exported your password vault from your existent manager to a CSV file. How this is done volition beryllium connected the password manager you use.

You’ll besides request an progressive 1Password relationship to import the record into.

How to import the CSV record into 1Password

If you’re not definite however to export your existent vault to a CSV file, you’ll privation to consult the documentation of the password manager you presently use. For example, with Bitwarden, that export is done from File | Export. Make definite you prime CSV arsenic the record format and past prevention the exported .csv file.

Once you person your CSV record saved to your computer, log successful to your 1Password account. The 1 caveat is that the desktop lawsuit doesn’t look to person an Import option, which means you indispensable grip the process done the web mentation of 1Password.

After logging into your 1Password account, click the drop-down associated with your sanction astatine the apical close country of the interface and click Import (Figure A).

Figure A

The 1Password relationship paper popup is wherever you’ll find the Import option.

In the resulting model (Figure B), click Other.

Figure B

The database of different password services you tin import from.

In the adjacent model (Figure C), either resistance your CSV record from your desktop record manager into the bluish rectangle oregon click Or Select a File From Your Computer.

Figure C

From present you tin besides prime which vault the caller record volition beryllium imported into.

After adding your file, click Continue. You volition past spot the mapping of the entries. Look done the columns (Figure D) to marque definite each heading matches the contented of the column.

For example, marque definite the contents of the sanction file are really the names of the entries from the app we exported from. You indispensable adhd labels for each utilized column, arsenic different the import volition fail.

Figure D

The mapping of the CSV record indispensable beryllium close earlier continuing.

Once you’re satisfied with the mapping, click Continue and the import process volition finish. Depending connected however galore entries you have, this tin instrumentality anyplace from 1-5 minutes.

When the import completes, you’ll beryllium presented with a study showing however galore items were added (Figure E).

Figure E

I’ve imported 557 items from 1 password manager to 1Password.

Congratulations, you’ve conscionable imported each of your passwords from your aged manager and into 1Password. Those passwords should instantly sync with your desktop and mobile apps arsenic good arsenic the web browser add-on.

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