How to quickly rearrange pages in Microsoft Word

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How to rapidly rearrange pages successful Microsoft Word

Moving full pages takes a spot of effort due to the fact that Microsoft Word doesn’t admit them. It’s a spot awkward unless you cognize these 3 techniques for rearranging pages successful Word.

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Rearranging contented successful a Microsoft Word papers is casual astir of the time. You tin rapidly prime sentences, paragraphs, graphics and truthful connected and past chopped and paste oregon determination the enactment up oregon down utilizing Shift + Alt + Up/Down. These are lone a fewer of the galore ways Word helps you determination content.

The 1 constituent Word doesn’t enactment autonomously is the page. There’s nary quick-click enactment for selecting and moving a page. In this tutorial, I’ll amusement you 3 casual ways to rearrange Word pages.

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I’m utilizing Microsoft 365 connected a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you tin usage earlier versions. Word for the web supports these methods. The Navigation Pane is disposable successful Word 365 done Word 2007. The Clipboard past is disposable successful Word 365 done Word 2013. Only the archetypal method volition enactment successful the older .doc format.

How to determination a leafage utilizing Windows’ chopped and paste feature

It’s casual to leap close to Windows’ classical chopped and paste diagnostic erstwhile moving data, but doing truthful tin beryllium a spot awkward erstwhile moving pages. Because chopped and paste is simply a standard, let’s usage it to determination a leafage successful Word:

  1. Enable Word’s Show/Hide diagnostic by pressing Show/Hide successful the Paragraph radical connected the Home tab. Doing truthful displays hard leafage breaks, making it easier to find and determination pages.
  2. Position the cursor astatine the opening of the existent leafage by pressing Ctrl + Home.
  3. Select the full page. There are 2 ways to bash so:
    1. If you similar a rodent selection, clasp down the near rodent cardinal and resistance to the extremity of the page. This method is speedy if you tin spot the full leafage connected screen. Be definite to see the hard leafage interruption astatine the bottommost of the leafage if determination is 1 (Figure A). If you permission it, you’ll permission an bare page.
    2. Hold down the Shift cardinal portion pressing PgDn (Page Down) key. Doing truthful volition item a surface astatine a time. Press PgDn until the enactment reaches the extremity of the page.
  4. Press Ctrl + X to chopped the leafage and transcript it to the Clipboard. Click Ctrl + C if you don’t privation to delete the content.
  5. Position the cursor wherever you privation to transcript the contented to and property Ctrl + V. If you privation to paste the contented without the archetypal formatting, click Paste successful the Clipboard radical connected the Home tab and take Keep Text Values Only from the dropdown.

Figure A

Select each the contented connected the page, including a hard leafage instrumentality if determination is one.

If you’re lone moving 1 oregon 2 pages, chopped and paste is adequate. If you person a batch of rearranging to do, see utilizing Word’s Navigation pane

If you alteration your caput oregon marque a mistake, property Ctrl + Z to undo the move.

How to determination a leafage utilizing the Navigation Pane successful Word

Word’s Navigation Pane displays your papers by Headings and Pages. For the erstwhile to work, you indispensable usage World’s built-in heading styles.

To unfastened Word’s Navigation Pane, click the View tab and cheque Navigation Pane successful the Show menu. Then, click Pages.

Figure B

As you tin spot successful Figure B, Word displays a thumbnail for each leafage successful the document. If the leafage you privation to determination begins with a built-in heading style, this is the quickest mode to determination an full page. To demonstrate, bash the following:

  1. Open the Navigation Pane, which defaults to displaying headers.
  2. In the Navigation Pane, click the heading that begins the leafage you privation to move. In this case, that’s the archetypal heading, Video. Notice that the leafage font colour is reddish — that’ll substance successful a minute.
  3. Drag the Video header to the extremity of the list. Doing truthful volition show a bold, guiding enactment (Figure C).
  4. Drop the header into position.

Figure C

Drag the driblet the header to determination the page.

If you’re moving with the objection Word document, you tin spot that the reddish leafage is present astatine the extremity of the document. The archetypal leafage is greenish with the Themes heading. If the leafage you privation to determination doesn’t person a built-in heading astatine the opening of the page, you tin inactive usage the Navigation Pane:

  1. Select the archetypal fewer words oregon lines astatine the apical of the page.
  2. Click a heading benignant successful the Styles radical connected the Home tab. It’s lone temporary.

Now, the leafage volition amusement up successful the Headings conception successful the Navigation Pane. After moving the page, region the impermanent heading style.

There’s 1 tiny drawback to utilizing the Navigation pane: The archetypal heading shows successful the Navigation Pane. If there’s a higher-level heading elsewhere connected the aforesaid page, the determination begins with that higher-level heading, not the archetypal heading connected the page. This is thing to ticker retired for due to the fact that there’s nary mode for you to cognize that the heading successful the Navigation Pane isn’t the highest-level heading connected the page.

Sometimes you mightiness privation to determination aggregate pages. For instance, you mightiness privation to swap the presumption of 2 oregon determination pages. You could bash that with chopped and paste oregon the Navigation Pane, but there’s an easier way.

How to determination pages utilizing Windows’ extended Clipboard successful Word

At this point, you’ve learned 2 casual ways to determination 1 leafage astatine a clip successful a Word document. Now let’s absorption connected a method that lets you determination aggregate pages rapidly — the extended Clipboard, besides known arsenic the Clipboard history. To usage this diagnostic to swap 2 pages oregon respective pages, bash the following:

  1. Using the chopped and paste method above, chopped the archetypal leafage to the Clipboard.
  2. Repeat this process to chopped the adjacent leafage to the Clipboard.
  3. Position your cursor wherever you privation the archetypal chopped leafage to be.
  4. Press the Windows cardinal + V to unfastened the Clipboard past (Figure D). Or click the Clipboard group’s dialog launcher.
  5. In the past pane, click the leafage you privation to insert astatine the cursor position.
  6. Position your cursor wherever you privation to insert the 2nd leafage that you cut.
  7. In the past pane, click the leafage you privation to insert astatine the cursor position.

Figure D

Use the Clipboard past to determination respective pages astatine once.

Repeat the steps supra to determination arsenic galore pages arsenic you like. Using the Clipboard history, you tin determination galore pages astatine the aforesaid time. To larn much astir the Clipboard history, work How to get much retired of your Clipboards successful Microsoft Office.

Your mentation of Word mightiness bounds you to the archetypal method. However, if you person a caller version, the Clipboard past is astir apt the quickest method and eliminates the occupation of moving a conception of a leafage erstwhile the heading astatine the opening of the leafage isn’t the highest-level heading connected the page.

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