How to set up two-step verification for your Google account

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Two-step verification tin amended unafraid and safeguard your account. Here's however to acceptable it up.


Google volition present necessitate each users to alteration two-step verification to support their accounts. This means you'll beryllium request to respond to a notification connected your mobile telephone anytime you effort to log into a Gmail relationship oregon different Google service. How bash you acceptable up two-step verification for Google? The process isn't hard but does necessitate a fewer steps to instrumentality and a fewer choices to make. Here's however it works.

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You tin acceptable this up connected a PC oregon mobile device, but let's effort it connected a PC for this example. First, motion into your Google Account page. Click the Security class connected the left. In the Signing successful to Google section, click the introduction for 2-step verification if it's presently turned disconnected (Figure A).

Figure A


The adjacent surface tells you that each clip you motion successful to your Google account, you'll request your password and a verification code. Click Get Started. Then motion successful again to your Google account. The adjacent surface should amusement the sanction of your mobile telephone arsenic registered with Google. If not, click the nexus for "Don't spot your device?" and travel the steps to adhd your phone.

Here, you besides person a mates of options connected however to instrumentality two-step verification. By default, the codification volition beryllium sent to your telephone via substance oregon call. However, you tin usage a carnal information cardinal instead, which is considered much secure. Click the nexus for Show much options and take your preferred method. Click Continue (Figure B).

Figure B


Assuming you chose the codification option, the adjacent surface displays your telephone fig and asks however you privation to person the code: substance connection oregon telephone call. Choose your preferred enactment and click Send (Figure C).

Figure C


Check your telephone for the sent codification and benignant the fig successful the due tract connected the adjacent screen. Click Next. At the adjacent surface asking you to crook connected 2-step verification, click the Turn On fastener (Figure D).

Figure D


Two-step verification is present enabled. Any clip you motion into your account, you'll beryllium prompted to verify your individuality with the method you established. On an Android phone, you'd person the codification done a notification. On an iPhone, you'll request to instal and cheque the iOS Google app and pat Yes successful effect to a connection asking if you're trying to motion in.

From here, you whitethorn privation to take different backup measurement truthful you tin motion successful if your superior method is unavailable. At your Google relationship website, you tin take from among 3 backup steps: 1) A one-time backup codification to usage if your telephone isn't accessible; 2) An authenticator app specified arsenic Google Authenticator; 3) A carnal information cardinal (Figure E).

Figure E


To usage backup codes, click the Set Up nexus for that option. Google displays a acceptable of codes to usage arsenic backup verification. You tin people and download them and get a caller acceptable of codes (Figure F).

Figure F


To usage an authenticator app, download and instal the app of your choice, specified arsenic Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy oregon LastPass Authenticator. Click the Set Up nexus for authenticator app. Choose your benignant of phone--Android oregon iPhone. Click Next. Open the authenticator app. Tap the icon to make a caller login and prime the enactment to Scan a QR code. Point your telephone astatine the codification displayed astatine your Google relationship leafage until it's scanned. Click Next (Figure G).

Figure G


Enter the codification displayed successful the authenticator app and click Verify. Then click Done (Figure H).

Figure H


To usage a information key, click the Set Up nexus for that option. You tin past take a Bluetooth information key, a USB information cardinal oregon the information cardinal built into your phone. Select your preferred enactment and marque definite it's available. If you take a carnal information key, plug it into your computer. If you take a cardinal built into your phone, an Android instrumentality volition automatically beryllium added to your account. For an iPhone, you'll request to download and instal the Google Smart Lock app for iOS (Figure I).

Figure I


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