How to share a Tableau dashboard

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 Closeup of Tableau logo seen connected  its homepage connected  a laptop computer. Tableau is an interactive information  visualization bundle   institution  focused connected  concern  intelligence.Image: Tada Images/Adobe Stock

The fig of concern organizations leveraging interactive information visualization to summation penetration into a ample fig of information has continued to increase. One of the data visualization bundle tools fashionable among businesses is Tableau.

With Tableau, businesses with a precocious measurement of information to benignant are uncovering it easier to marque consciousness of their data, admit caller patterns and marque bully concern decisions based connected the indicators provided by the software. However, determination is simply a increasing interest implicit the champion ways to stock the Tableau dashboard.

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We volition item the antithetic ways you tin stock your Tableau dashboard and the pros and cons of each method truthful you tin take the champion method that is suitable for your organization.

Understanding Tableau dashboards

Tableau dashboards are the main interface wherever each your progressive investigation and information templates are displayed. The Tableau dashboard organizes and represents antithetic information from galore worksheets successful a azygous space. The dashboard gives you options to filter and information comparisons and visualizations from a ample magnitude of data.

One of the astir important features of the Tableau dashboard is that it displays information successful a responsive mode and tin easy beryllium shared with different users successful assorted formats.

Key features of Tableau

Below are immoderate of the important features of Tableau you should know.

Advanced dashboard

Tableau Dashboards usage blase visualization techniques to springiness a elaborate information perspective. Because they let for the integration of galore views and objects, dashboards are regarded arsenic being peculiarly informative. By offering users a enactment of layouts and formats to prime from, it besides enables information visualization successful a signifier that tin beryllium easy interpreted.

In-memory and unrecorded information sources

Tableau offers seamless integration with information retrieved from extracurricular information sources, whether it beryllium successful the signifier of unrecorded information sources oregon in-memory data. Users present person unrestricted entree to analyse information from aggregate information sources.

Attractive visualizations

Tableau users tin nutrient respective kinds of information visualizations. Users tin easy make the astir basal visualizations, specified arsenic a pastry illustration oregon barroom chart, arsenic good arsenic immoderate of the astir analyzable ones, similar a slug chart, a Gantt illustration oregon a boxplot. In bid to make visualizations utilizing utile maps, Tableau besides contains accusation connected geographic data, specified arsenic countries, cities and postal codes.

Robust security

To support users and information security, Tableau has other information measures successful place. For idiosyncratic entree and information connections, it contains a information strategy based connected authorization and authentication techniques.

Predictive analytics

Tableau features galore information modeling options, including forecasting and trending.

For each chart, users tin rapidly adhd a inclination enactment oregon foretell information and analyse accusation defining the model.

Sharing Tableau dashboards

There are respective ways you tin stock Tableau dashboards with different users. Below are the main ways you tin bash this successful antithetic formats.

  • Sharing via Tableau Server/Public
  • Sharing arsenic a Dashboard Link
  • Sharing arsenic a PDF
  • Sharing arsenic a PPT
  • Sharing arsenic a Crosstab (Excel oregon CSV Files)

Sharing via Tableau server/public

The champion mode to marque your Tableau dashboard easy accessible to the nationalist is done the Tableau server/public. See the steps connected however you tin bash this below:

  1. Start the Tableau Desktop, and click connected the Server button.
  2. On the adjacent page, click connected Tableau Public and take the Save to Tableau Public option.
  3. A dialog container volition popular up asking for your credentials for Tableau Public. Enter your credentials oregon make 1 if you don’t person 1 already.
  4. Once you participate the credentials, a caller dialog container volition open. From the caller dialog box, click connected the Create Data Extract enactment and click connected Extract.
  5. Once this is done, prime the Tableau Public to presumption the last embedded Tableau Dashboard connected the browser.
  6. Click connected the Edit enactment if you privation to adhd a rubric oregon edit immoderate statement and save.
  7. To stock with different user, click connected Share astatine the bottommost of the screen.

Sharing arsenic a dashboard link

You tin besides stock your Tableau dashboard arsenic a nexus if you find different sharing options challenging. On your dashboard, each you person to bash is click the Share icon successful the toolbar. A dialog container with the embedded codification and the nexus displays astatine the bottom. Use Ctrl+C to transcript the nexus to stock it by email oregon different method.

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Sharing arsenic a PDF

Tableau Dashboards are besides easy readable successful PDF format. On a unrecorded dashboard, this is possible. Go to the Export enactment successful the File paper and take the Export arsenic PDF enactment after. When your workbook is prepared, click connected it to prevention the papers successful PDF format truthful you tin stock it whenever necessary.

Sharing arsenic a PPT

Tableau Dashboards are besides disposable successful PowerPoint (PPT) format. To prevention and stock your Tableau dashboard arsenic a PPT file, spell to the File menu, prime Export and take the Export arsenic PPT option.

Sharing arsenic a Crosstab (Excel oregon CSV Files)

To stock your dashboard arsenic excel oregon CSV file, repetition the steps connected the erstwhile export options and prime Export arsenic Crosstab to Excel. The record volition past beryllium exported successful Excel oregon CSV format.


Part of what makes each information visualization oregon analytical instrumentality almighty is the capableness to collaborate with others erstwhile dissecting and interpreting results.

With concern organizations having to woody with a ample magnitude of information much often, knowing the antithetic ways to stock your Tableau dashboard is simply a must-have accomplishment for each Tableau user. The Tableau dashboard sharing options discussed supra volition assistance you take the astir suitable enactment for your organization.

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