How to transfer Authy to a new phone

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How to transportation Authy to a caller telephone

Jack Wallen walks you done the steps of transferring Authy from 1 telephone to another.

Two-Factor Authentication concept.Privacy support   information  and cybersecurity. 2FA increases the information    of your account.Image: Miha Creative/Adobe Stock

Authy is simply a two-factor authentication app that makes it imaginable for you to easy enactment with 2FA codes for the apps and services you use.

Two-factor authentication adds a furniture of information to the sites and services you use. Once you’ve added 2FA to a site, it volition not lone punctual you for your relationship credentials (username/password) but a six-digit codification that is generated by a 2FA app (such arsenic Authy) and is associated with your account. Without that six-digit code, you cannot log successful to your account.

Once you commencement utilizing Authy connected your mobile device, astatine immoderate constituent you’re going to person to transportation the relationship to different device.

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What you’ll need

To marque this work, you’ll request the Authy app installed connected your existent mobile device. When you primitively installed the app, you associated it with the telephone fig of that archetypal phone. You’ll besides request the Authy app installed connected your caller phone. How you instal that app volition beryllium connected which mobile operating strategy you usage (Android oregon iOS).

How to transportation Authy

Unfortunately, owed to information issues, Authy doesn’t let users to instrumentality screenshots wrong the application, truthful you’ll person to travel on intimately with the written instructions. I’ll picture the process successful specified a mode that you shouldn’t person immoderate problems pursuing along.

Open Authy connected your aged telephone and pat the 3-dot paper fastener astatine the apical close of the screen. From the paper drop-down, pat Settings. In the Settings window, you’ll spot 3 tabs astatine the apical of the screen: My Account, Accounts, Devices. Tap Devices and you should spot a mostly bare leafage with an ON/OFF slider that’s successful the default OFF position. To stock Authy to a caller phone, you indispensable power connected multi-device support, truthful pat the ON/OFF slider truthful it’s successful the ON position.

After enabling multi-device enactment connected Authy, unfastened the app connected the caller phone, wherever you’ll beryllium prompted for your Country Code and Phone Number. You tin prime your Country Code from the drop-down and past benignant your telephone number. This telephone fig indispensable beryllium the aforesaid fig associated with your erstwhile telephone due to the fact that that’s the fig associated with your Authy account.

Once you benignant your telephone number, pat Submit astatine the bottommost of the surface and past prime which means of verification you privation — from Use Existing Device With Authy Installed, Receive SMS Message, oregon Receive Call.

If you’ve already inserted your SIM paper into the caller phone, pat Receive SMS Message. If you’ve yet to instal the SIM paper to the caller device, pat Use Existing Device With Authy Installed, which volition past propulsion a New Device petition to the archetypal phone. On the aged phone, pat Accept, and then, erstwhile prompted, benignant OK and pat OK.

You should past spot each of your 2FA entries successful Authy connected the caller device.

That’s each determination is to making Authy disposable to aggregate devices. One happening to support successful caput is that this isn’t really a transfer, truthful each of your accounts volition punctual successful Authy connected your aged device. If you program connected selling, donating oregon giving that aged instrumentality away, marque definite to uninstall Authy and bash a mill reset to guarantee nary of your information tin beryllium accessed.

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