How to use Microsoft Lists as a progressive web app on a Mac

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Microsoft Lists is increasing successful popularity, and present you tin tally the tracking and coordination app from the macOS desktop. Here's how.

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Whether you request to make a workflow, physique and stock checklists, coordinate events with coworkers, way and delegate issues for resolution, cod assets oregon different elements, signifier dependencies oregon different compile actionable lists, Microsoft Lists is increasing successful popularity owed to the app’s elemental interface and almighty collaboration capabilities. Because the app integrates easy with Power Automate, teams tin further widen Lists’ functionality crossed teams careless of members’ locations.

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Included wrong Microsoft 365 concern and endeavor subscriptions, users tin create, stock and edit lists utilizing the app’s web-based interface. Mac users volition find a caller progressive web exertion mentation permits moving with lists consecutive from wrong their Mac desktops, too. Standalone iPhone and iPad versions are besides present disposable for tracking and organizing accusation and coordinating lists with coworkers.

To instal the Microsoft Lists desktop exertion connected a Mac, utilizing a compatible browser (such arsenic Google Chrome oregon Microsoft Edge), log successful to your Microsoft 365 account, past click the App Launcher icon recovered toward the top-left corner, past prime Lists. The Install Microsoft Lists app model volition appear, arsenic shown successful Figure A.

Figure A

macpwafigAImage: Erik Eckel/TechRepublic. The Microsoft Lists macOS desktop app is installed utilizing the Microsoft 365 portal.

Microsoft Lists for the Mac is simply a progressive web application, meaning the programme is an app whose information and cognition are typically delivered via the Web utilizing a communal web technology, specified arsenic HTML. PWAs are designed to supply an independent, standalone acquisition portion creating, editing and storing files connected the section Mac.

At the clip of this writing, Microsoft’s Lists implementation requires the Mac person an progressive Internet transportation to entree existing files stored wrong Microsoft Lists and make caller files, arsenic nary Work Offline enactment was readily disposable utilizing the Lists PWA connected my Mac.

As baked into Microsoft 365 services, Microsoft Lists tin beryllium utilized with galore different Microsoft solutions. Among the applications with which Lists enactment are Planner, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Teams.

When the Microsoft Lists PWA is installed connected a Mac, a corresponding icon is created wrong Mac Launchpad. However, a standalone app introduction isn’t added wrong the macOS Applications directory. Instead, to unfastened Lists locally connected the Mac, users tin make caller and edit existing Lists files utilizing the Launchpad icon oregon the App Launcher from wrong their compatible browser, specified arsenic Microsoft Edge, arsenic shown successful Figure B.

Figure B

macpwafigBImage: Erik Eckel/TechRepublic. The Microsoft Lists app tin beryllium opened utilizing the section PWA icon oregon the App Launcher wrong Microsoft 365.

Once installed, you tin make caller Lists files by clicking the +New List fastener located astatine the apical halfway of the Lists window. Once you click the +New List button, Lists opens the Create a List window, from which you tin make a caller blank list, make a database from an Excel record oregon make a database from an existing List file. Alternatively, you tin make a caller database utilizing 1 of galore pre-prepared templates, arsenic shown wrong Figure C.

Figure C

macpwafigCImage: Erik Eckel/TechRepublic. Microsoft Lists connected a Mac provides a fig of pre-prepared templates.

After creating a caller entry, Lists volition punctual you to participate a name, which is required, for the caller list. You tin besides supply an optional description, an further measurement that tin amended assistance you and others locating circumstantial lists, erstwhile specified record collections inevitably statesman growing, arsenic shown successful Figure D.

Figure D

macpwafigDImage: Erik Eckel/TechRepublic. When creating caller files wrong Microsoft Lists, you tin supply optional descriptions, specify differentiating colors and adjacent subordinate antithetic icons with the caller entry.

When creating caller lists, you tin besides take from a assortment of colors, not to notation icons, which assistance differentiate files by category. For example, you mightiness benignant files by colour for antithetic functions, specified arsenic finance, Human Resources, operations and the like, and take antithetic icons for antithetic purposes.

After utilizing the provided drop-down paper to specify the determination wherever the record should beryllium saved, clicking the Create fastener creates the caller record and saves it wrong the assigned location. Sharing the database with others is easy: Just click the Share fastener and participate the names of the users with whom you privation to collaborate.

Clicking the +New fastener adds a caller point to the recently created list. Lists permits adding columns, specified arsenic providing yes/no options, specifying day and time, currency, choices and hyperlinks. Users tin besides adhd comments, further enhancing collaboration and communication.

With the quality to negociate entree straight from wrong a list, alteration to grid views, including for editing, and make alerts, specified arsenic for erstwhile items change, Lists is simply a elemental but almighty exertion Mac users tin usage to signifier and way a assortment of elements and functions.

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