Interview with Slava Rubin: Alternative Assets in Your Portfolio

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The satellite of investing has been a hard spot lately. It feels similar each plus connected the satellite has been plummeting daily. But if you excavation deep, determination are immoderate areas which person been weathering the storm.

Enter alternate assets. We had an intriguing chat with serial entrepreneur Slava Rubin, who is the Co-Founder of Vincent, the starring alternate concern hunt level that has announced VALT Asset Management. VALT provides investors entree to alternate assets erstwhile reserved lone for organization investors. These assets see task capital, cryptocurrency, collectables, existent estate, art, and indebtedness — to idiosyncratic investors. 

Amazingly, this adjacent includes assets that person really risen successful the existent climate. We spoke astir the virtues of diversifying your portfolio into this space, what allocation 1 should do, and the decease of the 60/40 portfolio.

Ever been funny successful investing successful authoritative Michael Jordan sneakers, Monet paintings oregon shot fable Pelé collectables? Whether you’re an capitalist oregon a instrumentality of collectables oregon alternate assets, determination should beryllium thing successful present for you.

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