Is Britney Spears #free yet? Not quite

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(CNN)After Britney Spears' begetter petitioned to extremity her 13-year conservatorship connected Tuesday, her lawyer declared triumph and called it "vindication" for the singer.

So, is her ineligible conflict present over? Not quite.

Here's what we cognize astir however her lawsuit whitethorn unfold successful coming weeks.

    Returning to court

      The adjacent hearing successful the lawsuit is scheduled for Sept. 29 astatine the Los Angeles Superior Court, wherever it's expected Judge Brenda Penny volition instrumentality up Jamie Spears' petition to terminate the conservatorship.

      Other household members could entity to ending the arrangement, but that seems improbable arsenic Lynne Spears, the singer's mother, stated successful a tribunal filing earlier this summertime that Britney is "able to attraction for her person."

      Los Angeles conservatorship lawyer Lisa MacCarley, who is not connected to Spears' case, told CNN successful an interrogation Wednesday that barring a circumstantial objection, Judge Penny volition apt terminate the conservatorship. California probate instrumentality does not necessitate a aesculapian oregon intelligence valuation of a conservatee successful bid to bash so, MacCarley said.

      Family dispute

      In a connection to CNN connected Tuesday, Mathew Rosengart, lawyer for Britney Spears, called the filing to terminate the conservatorship a "victory" but gave nary denotation his efforts connected her behalf would soon end.

      "It appears that Mr. Spears believes helium tin effort to debar accountability and justice, including sitting for a sworn deposition and answering different find nether oath ... we volition besides proceed to research each options," Rosengart said.

      Over the summer, the Grammy victor said during 2 affectional testimonies that she wanted to property charges against her begetter for "conservatorship abuse," calling the statement "f---ing cruelty."

      The elder Spears has served has conservator of his daughter's property since it was established successful 2008. He was besides the conservator of her person, overseeing her wellness and aesculapian issues until helium stepped speech successful 2019. That's erstwhile Jodi Montgomery was appointed the impermanent conservator of Spears' person.

      Jamie Spears has maintained helium has ever acted successful his daughter's champion interests.

      "Once Britney is legally escaped she tin record a petition successful the probate tribunal to entity to the transactions reflected connected Jamie's latest accounting and she tin inquire the court, successful a surcharge petition, to marque Jamie wage backmost the wealth helium spent," MacCarley said.

        Jamie Spears is seeking astir $2 cardinal dollars to screen his wage overseeing her concern dealings arsenic good arsenic his ineligible fees. Rosengart said successful a abstracted connection that they volition not hold to a settlement.

        The vocalist has not yet publically commented connected her father's latest filing, neither person her siblings oregon her mother.

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