Jen Psaki Turns The Tables And Leaves Peter Doocy Speechless On Afghanistan

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Peter Doocy was trying to knock Biden for talking to the Taliban erstwhile Jen Psaki asked him if helium was suggesting that we permission Americans successful Afghanistan.


Peter Doocy went speechless erstwhile Jen Psaki turned the tables and asked him if helium was suggesting that America should permission Americans successful Afghanistan and not speech to the Taliban.


Doocy asked, “Their caller acting curate is a violent wanted for a bombing that killed six people, including an American. He is believed to have participated successful cross-border attacks against U.S. Troops. There is simply a $10 cardinal bounty connected his head. Why are we engaging him? “

Psaki answered, “Should we not speech to the radical who are overseeing Afghanistan and conscionable permission it and not get the remainder of the citizens out?”

Doocy was derailed and stumbled, “What are you waiting for them to do? They conscionable formed their government?” Doocy past stammered.

Psaki said, “Waiting for what?”

Doocy past wandered disconnected into suggested that Biden could admit the Taliban.

Jen Psaki turned the tables and highlighted the logical result of Doocy’s question. By doing so, she made it look similar the analogous from Fox News was suggesting that Biden permission Americans successful Afghanistan.

Doocy was reeling, and helium yet grasped connected to Biden recognizing the Taliban.

Press Secretary Psaki showed however to disable the Fox News strategy. Fox specializes successful asking agenda-laden, accusatory questions.

Psaki turned the tables, and Peter Doocy went each cervid successful the headlights and did not cognize what to do.

The effect was Jen Psaki blowing up different attempted Fox News and Peter Doocy gotcha moment.

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