John Fetterman Tells Republicans To Bring It On As He Calls For No Restrictions On Abortion

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Pennsylvania Senate Democratic campaigner Lt. Gov. John Fetterman told Republicans to bring their attacks connected arsenic helium called for nary restrictions connected abortion.

CNN reported connected their interrogation with Fetterman:

He defends his grounds of moving to get those wrongfully convicted retired of situation and to instrumentality transgression justness reforms.

“Bring it on,” helium said. “That would bespeak poorly connected my quality if I would fto the fearfulness of immoderate trumped up governmental advertisement to halt maine from pursuing transgression justness betterment and helping escaped the guiltless oregon the deserving from needlessly dying successful Pennsylvania prisons astatine payer expense.”

CNN’s Kasie Hunt tweeted retired her speech with Fetterman connected abortion:

KASIE: "Do you enactment immoderate restrictions connected abortion?"
FETTERMAN: "I don't."
KASIE: "Even successful the 3rd trimester?"
FETTERMAN: "I judge that prime is betwixt a woman. her doc and a deity if she prays to one."

— Kasie Hunt (@kasie) May 13, 2022

The National Media Doesn’t Get John Fetterman

The crushed wherefore truthful galore Pennsylvania Democrats emotion John Fetterman is that helium is nonstop and states what helium believes clearly. Fetterman isn’t triangulating oregon absorption grouping his answers. The Lt. Governor speaks his mind.

The feeling for Fetterman is particularly beardown successful Western Pennsylvania wherever Democrats extracurricular of Pittsburgh are often heavy outnumbered. Fetterman speaks to them and for them.

Establishment politicians successful the authorities were truthful acrophobic that Fetterman could not triumph a wide predetermination that they led mediocre Rep. Conor Lamb to slaughter successful the Democratic primary.

The Pennsylvania Democratic constitution pushed for Lamb earlier they knew that the Republican superior would spell disconnected the rails and nominate a campaigner who would conflict to triumph statewide.

The nationalist media doesn’t get Fetterman, but Pennsylvania does, and it would not beryllium astonishing if John Fetterman won and helped support Democrats successful the Senate majority.

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