Maroons plotting iconic coaching dream team

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Queensland Rugby League officials are considering implementing a coaching squad that would spot Storm fable Billy Slater brace up with a elder mentor successful a bid to instrumentality the Maroons backmost to their glory days.

Slater has been recommended arsenic the preferred campaigner to the Queensland Rugby League board, who volition determine whether to formally name the legendary Maroons fig arsenic Paul Green's replacement.

Slater could beryllium paired with Wayne Bennett. (Getty)

The QRL is keen to found a coaching histrion that volition spot Slater instrumentality complaint of the squad portion having the enactment of leaning connected an experienced advisor similar Wayne Bennett, and are acceptable to sanction their manager by Friday, News Corp reports.

Queensland officials privation to code the shortage of endowment successful the coaching stocks, and presumption Slater arsenic the premier campaigner to thrust change.

Slater has yet to prosecute successful ceremonial negotiations with the QRL, but it appears the occupation is his if helium wants it and league bosses are unfastened to a three-year contract.

Bringing successful a seasoned campaigner similar Bennett would beryllium a "wonderful" thought according to NRL guru Phil Gould, who adjacent touted the anticipation of Johnathan Thurston and Cameron Smith joining Slater.

Bennett, who turns 72 successful January, has nary involvement interest successful succeeding Green but it's believed helium whitethorn beryllium unfastened to a coaching-director's relation to creaseless Slater's transition.

"You've got Wayne Bennett, for god's sake. What's helium going to do? Sit astatine location successful his rocking seat and look astatine the TV?" Gould said connected Wide World of Sports' Six Tackles with Gus podcast.

"I'd beryllium going to him and saying, 'Look mate we truly privation to look aft this Origin side. We'll bash each the enactment tin you conscionable travel on and marque definite we're doing it properly?'

Billy Slater is swamped by teammates aft scoring successful Game 3 of the State of Origin bid astatine ANZ Stadium connected July 7, 2010 (Getty)

"It'd beryllium wonderful. I emotion each the aged Origin players jumping successful to assistance retired coaching with the team. A batch of them are doing it and you don't adjacent cognize they're there."

Slater astir got the motion arsenic Maroons manager this twelvemonth but the QRL went for Green's premiership experience. The Storm large has been retired of the crippled for 3 years and whitethorn instrumentality the dive without having immoderate coaching experience.

While the Origin bid doesn't instrumentality up the full NRL season, Slater would request to divert plentifulness of clip to the role, according to NSW manager Brad Fittler.

The Blues mentor revealed his relation with New South Wales Rugby League sees him taking connected a large commitment, which Slater volition request to code earlier taking connected immoderate imaginable role.

"My committedness to New South Wales goes a batch further than the 8 weeks wherever State of Origin is on. We bash a batch with juniors, a batch of travelling... there's a batch going connected down the scenes," Fittler added.

"It each depends connected what Queensland want.

"If they privation idiosyncratic to beryllium afloat time, tin Billy bash it from Melbourne? That's a committedness successful itself.

"He's a large analyst, helium knows the crippled arsenic bully arsenic anyone, it volition beryllium absorbing to spot what happens."

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