More Affordable Housing, Healthier Hearts?

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By Cara MurezHealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, Sept. 9, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- One of the keys to bully wellness could beryllium successful the hands of those who determine zoning policies for their communities.

Inclusionary zoning policies that supply for affordable lodging were associated with little rates of heart disease for those who benefited from these dwellings, according to a caller U.S. study.

"Many cities astir the state are facing a terrible shortage of affordable housing," said pb survey writer Antwan Jones, an subordinate prof of sociology astatine George Washington University successful Washington, D.C.

"Our survey suggests that inclusionary zoning programs tin assistance not conscionable boost the proviso of safe, affordable housing, but whitethorn besides trim the hazard of bosom disease," Jones said successful a assemblage quality release.

Researchers recovered that places that had inclusionary zoning besides had less residents with high humor pressure and higher cholesterol compared to communities without these programs. The residents were little apt to beryllium taking medicine for precocious humor pressure. They besides were little apt to person already developed coronary bosom disease.

These policies were associated with amended cardiovascular wellness adjacent erstwhile the survey controlled for different factors linked to bosom disease, specified arsenic poverty, health insurance and smoking. However, the survey lone showed an association, not a nonstop cause-and-effect relationship.

The researchers utilized information from the 500 Cities Project, on with zoning and demographic information. They noted that much than 880 cities and counties successful 25 states person adopted inclusionary zoning policies oregon inducement programs for developers who acceptable speech a information of their gathering projects for low- and moderate-income families. These incentives tin see taxation breaks and exemptions from immoderate regulations.

Mandatory inclusionary zoning had the biggest interaction connected markers of heart health, the authors said successful the report, published Sept. 8 successful Circulation.

More than 365,000 radical dice from coronary bosom illness annually successful the United States. The authors called for much probe connected the links betwixt zoning and bosom health, portion adding that this survey suggests inclusionary zoning tin code immoderate of the analyzable wellness challenges faced by struggling families.

"Stable, affordable lodging successful steadfast communities tin reduce stress and summation entree to caller produce, parks, jobs, harmless streets and different amenities that assistance radical enactment healthy," said co-author Gregory Squires, a prof of sociology and nationalist argumentation astatine the university.

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SOURCE: George Washington University, quality release, Sept. 8, 2021

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