New Funko Pop! Pokémon Figures Featuring Charizard, Pidgeotto, and Squirtle Are Available For Preorder

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We’ve been chasing that mantra of “gotta drawback ‘em all” for good implicit 2 decades. Whether it’s successful the mainline Pokémon games, trading cards, oregon connected our phones done Pokémon Go, you ever person a mode to cod your favourite pouch monsters. Toy collectors whitethorn bask these caller Pokémon figures from Funko Pop! that tin beryllium preordered close now.

Joining the Pokémon successful Pop signifier is simply a formed of gen 1 favorites. Pidgeotto’s caller fig is posed mid-air with its wings dispersed and talons out. It’s easy my favourite of this caller set, but that’s conscionable idiosyncratic preference. Also disposable are an adorable Caterpie, Dragonite giving a affable wave, and an each metallic variant of Squirtle to observe the 25th day of the Pokémon franchise.

Finally, there’s a Target exclusive jumbo-sized Charizard for preorder, that astatine this clip is presently sold out. All 5 of these figures are listed arsenic “coming soon” successful an email sent to Game Informer from Funko, though done the nexus successful the tweet above, Target lists the merchandise day arsenic February 6, 2022, for the smaller figures. The large Charizard is slated for a period earlier connected January 8, 2022.

While I don’t ain galore Pokémon Pop figures, I deliberation they construe good to the benignant Funko specializes in. Out of this batch, Caterpie looks the astir similar its archetypal design, and arsenic I mentioned above, I’ve taken rather a liking to the Pidgeotto. Silver Squirtle surely stands out, and I’m definite would look beauteous connected some’s shelf, desk, oregon curio.

I’m funny however you deliberation these figures comparison to others Funko has released successful the past. Do they bash these Pokémon justice? Are determination different brands that you similar erstwhile it comes to collecting these peculiar monsters? Give maine your thoughts successful the comments!

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