Gingerbread, ice wine, kittens and castles, 10 holiday movies to get excited about

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(CNN)We each request immoderate post-Thanksgiving dinner viewing time -- oregon conscionable immoderate soundlessness from our families portion we beryllium unneurotic and ticker a movie. And what's amended than a cheesy vacation communicative to distract america from the world?

With titles similar "Gingerbread Miracle" and "Single All the Way," Santa has delivered syrupy saccharine Christmas viewing early, perfectly tied up successful a reddish bow.

Here are several we recovered to get you started:

    "The Claus Family"

      Even St. Nick, apparently, has household problems and Netflix has a movie astir them.

      "When his gramps abruptly falls ill, holiday-hating Jules learns of his family's magical bequest and realizes he's the lone anticipation to prevention Christmas," a Netflix synopsis of the movie reads.

      It's streaming now.

      "A Rich Christmas"

      This is simply a classical vacation communicative astir the tone of the season.

      "An entrepreneur teaches his spoiled girl a acquisition by making her walk the holidays volunteering astatine a shelter, wherever she comes face-to-face with the existent meaning of Christmas," reads a statement from BET, wherever the movie is presently airing.

      "Gingerbread Miracle"

      This movie rubric is astir arsenic Christmas arsenic it comes.

      "Two aged friends from precocious schoolhouse enactment unneurotic implicit Christmas to merchantability his uncle's Mexican bakery celebrated for its magical gingerbread cookies that assistance wishes," successful this perfectly saccharine Hallmark movie.

      "An Ice Wine Christmas"

      Ooh wine! Start sipping due to the fact that Lifetime is serving up a sommelier drama.

      "One of Philadelphia's apical sommeliers goes location to the magical vineyards of Evergreen, N.Y., to instrumentality portion successful the town's yearly Ice Wine Christmas Festival and harvest," according to a Lifetime statement of the film. "While there, Camila spends clip with her mother, Sunny and sister' Beth, who manages the section winery for Camila's erstwhile crystal vino mentor, Henry. But Camila discovers changes are coming arsenic Henry plans to retire, scaling down the Christmas festival."

      Ready, set, pour.

      "The Nine Kittens of Christmas"

      Cats? Christmas? number maine in.

      "Cat lovers Zachary and Marilee are thrown backmost unneurotic astatine Christmas erstwhile they're tasked with uncovering homes for a litter of adorable kittens," the film's synopsis from the Hallmark Channel reads.

      It premieres connected Hallmark connected Nov. 25.

      "Christmas Déjà Vu"

      Here's your dream-come-true movie.

      "When a down connected her luck pistillate makes a Christmas wish, she's granted the beingness that she's ever dreamed of," according to BET.

      The movie premieres Nov. 25 connected BET+.

      "A Christmas Witness"

      Christmas mixed with the mob.

      "A no-nonsense national marshal is tasked with protecting a low-level, charming mobster until helium testifies against his mafia brag 2 days aft Christmas," reads the movie's synopsis.

      It premieres Nov. 28 astatine connected ION Television.

      "Single All the Way"

      This movie puts a spot of a rotation connected a communicative astir pretending to beryllium successful a narration to placate a parent who is overly anxious to spot their big kid coupled.

      "Desperate to debar his family's judgement astir his perpetual azygous status, Peter convinces his champion person Nick to articulation him for the holidays and unreal that they're present successful a relationship. But erstwhile Peter's parent sets him up connected a unsighted day with her handsome trainer James, the program goes awry," according to Netflix.

      "Single All the Way" debuts Nov. 2.

      "A Castle for Christmas"

      What's a vacation play without a ridiculously unrealistic royal tale? And this 1 stars Brooke Shields!

      Premiering Nov. 26, "The movie follows a bestselling writer who, to flight a scandal, travels to Scotland wherever she falls successful emotion with a castle and conscionable maybe, the duke who owns it," reports Netflix.

      "The Bitch Who Stole Christmas"

        We haven't seen a trailer for this communicative yet, but the rubric unsocial is crushed capable to watch. Rupaul and respective "Drag Race" contestants prima successful this movie, astir a manner writer sent to a Christmas-loving municipality connected an duty and ends up covering a wintertime shot competition.

        Premieres Dec. 2 connected VH1.

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