Rugby stars' warning for Seibold's England job

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Former Wallabies Justin Harrison and Morgan Turinui person warned Anthony Seibold that his workload and accent levels are astir to spell done the extortion arsenic helium starts a caller occupation arsenic Eddie Jones' defence manager with England.

NRL manager Seibold has signed a astonishment 2 twelvemonth woody with England that volition instrumentality him done to the 2023 Rugby World Cup successful France.

Jones has a agelong way grounds of moving with coaches and unit from different sports and has erstwhile AFL manager Neil Craig arsenic his caput of precocious performance.

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Anthony Seibold. (Getty)

Former NRL prima Jason Ryles had a stint moving arsenic England's skills manager nether Jones, a Rabbitohs instrumentality who struck up a narration with Seibold during his clip astatine South Sydney.

"What you bash cognize with Eddie Jones is that he's 1 of the champion prepared rugby administrators and coaches successful the satellite astatine the moment," said Harrison, who played nether notoriously thorough and demanding Jones for overmuch of his career.

"He would person been searching precocious and debased for idiosyncratic to acceptable successful for the adjacent signifier of English rugby. And sometimes they don't ever acceptable with what everyone other thinks.

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Eddie Jones talks astatine a property league astatine Pennyhill Park successful Bagshot. (Getty)

"But Eddie Jones works to a plan."

Seibold has been moving arsenic a advisor with Newcastle this play arsenic good arsenic doing immoderate distant investigation for Jones.

He replaces erstwhile All Blacks manager John Mitchell arsenic England's defence guru.

Justin Harrison connected Rugby Heaven. (Stan)

"Anthony Seibold's enactment quotient is astir to spell done the extortion and accent levels volition lucifer that," Harrison quipped connected Stan Sport's Rugby Heaven.

"They'll spell up higher than our COVID number astatine the moment.

"But surely that's a large appointment, Seibs has been progressive successful the athletics for a agelong time, we cognize Eddie Jones is precise keen connected dissecting each sorts of antithetic sports and bringing them unneurotic to enactment what's connected the tract for his English radical astatine the moment."

Morgan Turinui connected Stan Sport. (Stan)

Turinui, who besides played nether Jones, said the seasoned Australian mentor was "not blinkered" by what sporting inheritance imaginable unit members came from.

"If you tin lend to his programme he'll get you in," Turinui said.

"Australian rugby would emotion to person Eddie Jones backmost successful the fold astatine immoderate clip successful the future. But I americium disquieted astir Anthony Seibold's wellness and welfare.

"Will determination beryllium a spot much mange successful the hairsbreadth possibly oregon psoriasis from being overworked?

"His stressful times are coming now."

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