Salesforce rolls out AI-powered workflows, contact center updates in Service Cloud

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New automation features are designed to marque agents much productive and companies much agile during the pandemic.

Salesforce Service Cloud Workforce Engagement integrated platform

Salesforce Service Cloud Workforce Engagement

Image: Salesforce

Salesforce connected Thursday unveiled caller AI-powered workflows and interaction halfway updates successful Service Cloud successful an effort to make amended experiences for work agents and customers. Some 84% of work professionals said the pandemic has changed their workflows and processes, according to Salesforce's 4th yearly State of Service.

New workflows built into the Customer 360 level are designed to fto lawsuit work teams predict, way and lick lawsuit needs--sometimes earlier the lawsuit is adjacent alert a occupation exists, the institution said.

Additionally, Salesforce has added caller integer interaction halfway features for video, chat, dependable and workforce engagement with the extremity of enabling much effortless experiences for some customers and work teams.

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As lawsuit requests surge and businesses look shortages successful disposable agents, 78% of consumers person needed to interaction companies aggregate times to code a azygous concern, Salesforce said. 

As consumers question retired these much effortless experiences, the extremity is to springiness agents "a complete, integer level that automates repetitive and low-value tasks truthful they tin absorption connected the quality broadside of service, resolving analyzable problems faster and gathering deeper, trusted relationships,'' the institution said.

"The businesses that person thrived implicit the past 18 months are those who embraced integer tools to present fantabulous lawsuit and worker work experiences with spot and transparency," said Clara Shih, CEO of Service Cloud, Salesforce, successful a statement. "With caller AI and process automation for Service Cloud, arsenic good arsenic Slack to supply a integer hub to rapidly resoluteness issues crossed teams and departments, we're giving agents much clip to absorption connected providing human-centric work and giving customers fast, proactive work to physique spot and loyalty."

AI-powered workflows for trusted work astatine standard

Customer expectations are higher than ever and work teams request to respond accelerated erstwhile necessary. In fact, 90% of customers said that however a institution acts during a situation reveals its trustworthiness, according to Salesforce.

AI-powered workflows and automation are designed to empower work teams to rapidly respond to large incidents, automate however cases are routed passim the enactment and destruct repetitive tasks that bog agents down, the institution said.

New workflow capabilities include:

Customer Service Incident Management accelerates solution for large incidents fast, by helping companies detect, diagnose and respond to work disruptions. This empowers work teams to proactively notify customers of a occupation and triage increases successful cases, arsenic good arsenic supply transparency for customers and the operations teams moving to resoluteness the basal problem.

Omni-Channel Flow built connected Salesforce's workflow level is designed to marque it easier for work teams to make analyzable rules based connected CRM information for routing cases, calls, messages and chats crossed the work squad and different departments. With Omni-Channel, Einstein Case Classification and Einstein Article Recommendation successful Flow, Service Cloud tin present analyse incoming cases and automate routing to the champion queue, agent, oregon process — including processes that interact with outer systems — and auto-respond to customers with applicable articles to thrust ratio and trim enactment costs.

● Robotic process automation capabilities (RPA) for Service Cloud from the caller Servicetrace acquisition are designed to alteration work teams to automate repetitive tasks specified arsenic look-ups and write-ins crossed bequest systems that deficiency APIs.

For example, companies tin standard lawsuit work by automating embedded processes successful chatbots to usher customers step-by-step to lick an issue, portion the extremity for telephone halfway agents is to heighten productivity by automating repetitive tasks similar opening and closing enactment tickets.

Working successful a hybrid and distributed world, agents present request a integer HQ that brings unneurotic their workspace, dependable capabilities, workforce engagement, and Slack to link employees, partners, customers, and apps connected 1 screen. 

New integer interaction halfway capabilities include:

Einstein Conversation Mining is designed to assistance continuously amended and optimize self-service channels and cognition bases by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to place the astir communal types of interactions with customers.

For example, Einstein Conversation Mining is designed to find which usage cases to prioritize for a work bot rollout oregon punctual the instauration of a caller cognition nonfiction to code a predominant lawsuit concern.

Messaging for in-app and web now enables customers to commencement a persistent messaging acquisition specified arsenic SMS and WhatsApp, straight successful a mobile exertion oregon connected a website and prime the speech up wherever it near off.

Visual Remote Assistant now enables two-way video and audio for face-to-face conversations betwixt agents oregon tract technicians and customers, creating stronger relationships and personalized experiences. This is designed to amended consultations with everyone from fiscal advisors and doctors to mechanics, with the extremity of troubleshooting problems remotely.

Workforce Engagement Intraday Management enables companies to adjacent the spread betwixt forecasted enactment and existent staffing needs. Companies tin amended lawsuit acquisition and cause morale by adjusting worker schedules erstwhile things don't spell arsenic planned, specified arsenic if determination is simply a terrible upwind incidental and telephone volumes spike.

● Service Cloud Voice brings unneurotic phone, integer channels and CRM information successful 1 cardinal workspace for work agents. Service Cloud Voice works with 10 partners connected the AppExchange.

Salesforce volition connection much accusation connected the updates on Salesforce+ astatine the Dreamforce '21 Service Cloud 360 keynote connected Sept. 22 astatine 2:30 p.m. PT.

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