ServiceNow's new messaging service aims to help organizations connect with customers via WhatsApp

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With the caller messaging service, customers tin usage SMS and WhatsApp to pass straight with businesses.


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Organizations request to connection customers convenient methods by which they tin inquire questions, get assistance oregon support, and marque requests. For galore people, substance messaging is 1 of the astir convenient methods, and a caller work from integer workflow institution ServiceNow aims to connection fashionable messaging tools to its ain concern customers.

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Announced connected Thursday, the caller ServiceNow Messaging Service lets businesses acquisition SMS and WhatsApp straight from ServiceNow to integrate them into their workflows. The extremity is to springiness organizations a mode to link with customers and employees nary substance wherever they're located and much rapidly code and resoluteness customers requests.

ServiceNow Messaging Service is designed to assistance organizations amended conscionable lawsuit expectations by providing a much transparent process for two-way conversations. Customers volition beryllium capable to usage SMS and WhatsApp to easy scope retired to an organization. Employees of an enactment tin besides usage these messaging tools to petition assistance crossed antithetic departments, specified arsenic IT and HR.

"COVID reinforced the value of putting the lawsuit first, which is wherefore today's organizations indispensable present integer experiences that are seamless and effortless for customers," John Ball, SVP and GM of Customer Workflows for ServiceNow, said successful a property release. "With ServiceNow Messaging Service, we are improving lawsuit engagement portion supporting customers connected the channels of their choice. This is simply a earthy hold of ServiceNow Customer Workflows, which unite the front, mediate and back‑office to make a large end‑to‑end lawsuit experience."  

Running connected the Twilio platform, the ServiceNow Messaging Service expands ServiceNow's concern with Twilio. The 2 companies person worked unneurotic since 2019 to foster messaging arsenic a cardinal mode for customers and businesses to pass with each other.

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"Digital leaders successful each manufacture person figured retired that messaging with customers successful transparent, two‑way conversations is the astir effectual mode to physique beardown lawsuit relationships," Molly Fischer, elder manager of Strategic ISVs astatine Twilio, said successful the property release. "More than 100 cardinal messages were sent crossed Twilio's level past year, and 97% of messages are work wrong 3 minutes."

The integration with SMS and WhatsApp follows the merchandise of ServiceNow's Rome platform, which offers some Customer Workflow and Employee Workflow services. Rome provides respective cardinal services, including the following:

Conversation Autopilot allows an lawsuit work cause to transportation a chat to a virtual cause for repetitive tasks. The Focused layout for Customer Service Playbooks pairs agents with a virtual manager to usher them done each measurement of a lawsuit work request. Rich Messaging elevates assignment booking and different tasks that necessitate much than a elemental substance to assistance a customer. And Employee Center is simply a azygous portal wherever employees tin find personalized accusation and get assistance crossed antithetic departments.

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