Should Master Chief Take Off His Helmet?

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It’s hard to contradict Halo’s power connected the greater gaming landscape. For decades, Halo has been 1 of Microsoft’s biggest gaming brands, and it helped found the archetypal Xbox arsenic a gaming console of note. However, successful each that time, we’ve ne'er gotten a truly bully look astatine the bid iconic hero.

Most gamers cognize precise good what Master Chief’s armor looks like, but what astir his face? The archetypal developer, Bungie, often said that this was intentional, that it helped fans amended place with Chief. In a 2007 interview with IGN, pb writer Frank O'Connor said, “Revealing his look is not arsenic important arsenic revealing the result of the events of the beingness astir him.”

However, nary of that has stopped Halo’s developers from teasing fans with adjacent glimpses. At the extremity of the archetypal Halo: Combat Evolved, Chief removed his helmet, and it looked similar we were astir to get a bully look astatine what is nether that ammunition until the camera panned away. Those who bushed Halo 4 connected Legendary trouble adjacent got a choky close-up of Chief’s eyes, truthful we cognize what those look like.

This secrecy seems a spot strange, however, due to the fact that we fundamentally cognize what Chief looks like. The 2003 sci-fi caller from William C. Dietz called Halo: The Flood told america that Chief was astir 7 feet tall, had abbreviated brownish hair, and his tegument was unnaturally airy (because helium ne'er takes disconnected that dang helmet).

So, what bash you deliberation of each this? Is this enigma amusive oregon has it tally its course? Should 343 Industries conscionable amusement america what Chief looks similar successful Infinite oregon bash you similar the secrecy? Or bash you firmly judge – arsenic we bash – that Chief looks uncannily similar Nicolas Cage? Sound disconnected successful the comments below?

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