'Disrespected' Tigers star in bitter stand-off

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The Wests Tigers volition contiguous effort to speech onslaught back-rower Luciano Leilua retired of a petition for an contiguous merchandise to articulation North Queensland.

Leilua has agreed to presumption with the Cowboys for 2023 - but wants retired present aft problems with Tigers absorption anterior to the accomplishment of caller supremo Tim Sheens.

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The elephantine guardant is determined to permission contempt having different twelvemonth connected his declaration and a subordinate swap with the Cowboys whitethorn besides beryllium connected the cards.

"The nine has disrespected him," a root adjacent to Leilua told Wide World of Sports.

"They didn't travel backmost to america successful negotiations and past signed a subordinate successful his presumption from a rival nine past week. He was 1 of their astir accordant players successful 2021 and deserves to beryllium treated better."

The Wests Tigers are trying to person Luciano Leilua to enactment astatine the nine for 2022. (Getty)

On his day, Leilua is simply a onslaught limb and was 1 of the Tigers' amended players past season.

The nine is resigned to losing him successful 2023 and has signed a ready-made replacement successful much-improved Eels guardant Isaah Papili'i.

But Sheens is keen to support Leilua connected committee for 2022 if helium tin transportation him to shelve his plans to spell north.

A Tigers root said the nine was determined to excavation its heels successful implicit the matter.

"He isn't going anyplace adjacent twelvemonth - conscionable arsenic we kept telling radical Luke Brooks isn't going anywhere," the root said.

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