Strategies for adopting data stewardship without a CDO

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Small and mid-sized organizations are uncovering it hard to prosecute a abstracted CDO to steward their information arsenic portion of their digitalization strategy. How tin they administer their data?

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The mean wage for a main information serviceman (CDO) successful 2022 is $115,611. For galore tiny and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), hiring a CDO is beyond their means, but they inactive request ways to code information absorption arsenic they proceed to digitize.

What approaches tin companies take, if they can’t spend to prosecute a CDO?

1. Take banal of what you’ve got and wherever you are

The CDO relation is designed to bash 3 things: guarantee information quality, guarantee information information and governance, and guarantee information optimization.

All of these functions have, to immoderate degree, been done successful IT. The drawback is that galore of the information absorption functions that companies present privation person ne'er truly been formalized into occupation descriptions that guarantee they volition person the attraction needed. There are besides companies that historically haven’t paid overmuch attraction to their data, truthful overmuch of their information tin beryllium inconsistent, breached and underutilized.

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Because of these factors, SMBs that privation to absorption connected information stewardship and information absorption should archetypal measure wherever they are. Do they person radical successful spot who are already doing immoderate of the information absorption and stewardship functions? If so, which functions are being covered and which are not? What authorities is their information in? Are determination volumes of information that haven’t been utilized oregon stores of information that are inaccurate and grounds mediocre information quality?

Once these areas person been assessed, an enactment has an thought of what it needs successful bid to code information stewardship and management.

2. Who successful the enactment tin enactment connected data?

If the institution has already concluded that it can’t prosecute a full-time CDO, the adjacent champion happening is to look astatine individuals successful the institution who person immoderate of the skills oregon who person backgrounds and talents that would alteration them to accomplishment up quickly.

The archetypal spot to look is successful the database group. The database head should beryllium charged with oversight of the improvement of the full firm information architecture.

When an wide information architecture is successful place, you person a operation that ensures each of your assorted information repositories and processes tin interact with each different successful enterprise-wide information exchanges and ensures you person the tools, specified arsenic APIs (application programming interfaces) and ETL (extract, transform, load), to facilitate integration. This besides means eradicating stand-alone information silos that mightiness beryllium wrong the company.

At a much inferior level, a information expert successful the database radical tin vet information for quality, ensuring the information is close and accordant crossed systems.

The database radical tin enactment manus successful manus with the IT information radical to marque definite each information is decently secured and that it meets firm governance standards, adjacent if the information is incoming from third-party vendors.

For information optimization, a beardown concern expert tin enactment alongside users and coordinate with the database radical to spot that information is leveraged crossed the enterprise. In addition, they tin individuality immoderate pockets of information that remained dormant and that mightiness beryllium candidates for removal.

3. Make information optimization a superior extremity of digitalization

When firm digitalization efforts archetypal started, the absorption was connected eliminating arsenic galore insubstantial documents and manual processes arsenic possible. Optimizing this integer information was a distant constituent connected the roadmap.

Today, however, digitalization has matured and established itself successful organizations. It’s clip to prioritize information optimization and guarantee each section wrong the institution tin get the information it wants.

“Information has go 1 of the astir invaluable assets of modern businesses, representing a caller mode that organizations make worth for their customers and stakeholders,” stated CPAs Virginia Collins and Joel Lanz.

Companies without CDOs tin absorption their database, applications and information groups connected optimizing information and pass with their boards and CEOs done the CIO, and they tin marque advancement successful integer information optimization, adjacent if they can’t spend CDOs.

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