Superstar Lion puts an end to trade rumours

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Superstar Lion Lachie Neale has enactment to furniture rumours of a commercialized request, with the reigning Brownlow Medallist confirming he's committed to seeing retired his declaration successful Brisbane.

Just 24 hours aft the Lions were bounced retired of the finals successful consecutive sets connected the weekend, the AFL satellite was sent into meltdown pursuing reports Neale was targeting a commercialized backmost to his erstwhile club, Fremantle.

It was wide reported that household reasons, with woman Jules heavy pregnant, had prompted a tendency to instrumentality to Perth, wherever Neale started his AFL vocation with the Dockers.

With 2 years to tally connected his declaration with the Lions, Neale confirmed helium plans to enactment enactment and stay successful Queensland.

"It's been a whirlwind fewer days and everything's got a small spot retired of manus but I'm afloat committed to the club," helium told media aft the meeting.

Lachie Neale of the Lions (Getty)

"Clearly arsenic a batch of radical cognize my woman is heavy pregnant, she's from WA - a batch of household and enactment web and friends successful WA. Behind the scenes, we had a mates of conversations astir however that looked moving forward.

"After sitting down and talking done it with our family, our friends and with the nine and with my absorption team, it became beauteous wide aft a mates of days this was the champion spot for us.

"Firstly for my footy and secondly we judge we tin get the enactment web astir america we need."

News of Neale's tendency to permission Brisbane sent shockwaves done the AFL satellite past weekend. (Getty)

Neale confirmed he's motivated to triumph a premiership with the Lions.

Brisbane person finished successful the apical 4 for 3 consecutive seasons, but person lone managed 1 triumph successful the finals successful that time. They person mislaid 5 finals implicit the aforesaid period.

"One of the biggest things arsenic good is I've got unfinished concern here, I privation to beryllium holding up a cupful successful a Lions jersey and that's what I'll beryllium moving towards of the adjacent mates of years," Neale added.

"Super excited to beryllium present and can't hold to get going again adjacent year."

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