Surfers rescued after shark stops WSL finals

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Two surfers person been pulled from the h2o aft a shark, believed to beryllium a large white, was spotted during the World Surf League finals successful California.

Brazilians Felipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina were rescued by officials aft the archetypal sighting of what is being reported to beryllium a 6-8 ft large achromatic shark.

With the competitors retired of the h2o and the vigor enactment connected hold, lifeguards checked the country for immoderate further signs of the shark.

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In an ironic twist, Australia's Mick Fanning was commentating for the WSL unrecorded watercourse astatine the time. In 2015, Fanning made headlines astir the satellite erstwhile helium escaped an onslaught by a large achromatic during an lawsuit astatine J-Bay successful South Africa.

"They're astir apt looking for my telephone fig to airy maine up – it's your fault," helium joked.

"The protocols that the WSL has erstwhile this happens is truthful good, they're truthful fast.

Felipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina are taken from the h2o aft a shark sighting astatine the WSL finals successful California. (YouTube/WSL)

"They don't instrumentality immoderate chances, the surfers person seen it capable successful truthful galore areas, it's conscionable pressing pause. It's similar a time-out successful football."

Jessi Miley-Dyer from the WSL said the biggest precedence was keeping everybody safe.

"We conscionable had a shark breach the broadside of the line-up, it's astir 6-8 foot, truthful what our protocol is, we're going to hunt the line-up, marque definite it's gone, and past we'll restart. We're looking astatine a 15 infinitesimal hold," said Jessi Miley-Dyer from the WSL.

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Surfing resumed, with Medina edging retired Toledo to assertion his 3rd satellite title.

A 2nd sighting interrupted the women's last betwixt Brazil's Tatiana Weston Webb and Carissa Moore from the United States, earlier Moore added a 5th satellite rubric to the Olympic golden medal she won successful Tokyo.

Carissa Moore of the United States and Gabriel Medina of Brazil observe aft winning the the Rip Curl WSL Finals astatine Lower Trestles connected September 14, 2021 successful San Clemente, California. (Getty)

There was disappointment for Australians Steph Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons, with Gilmore eliminated successful the opening round, portion Fitzgibbons was beaten successful the 2nd round.

"It's not my finest moment, that's for sure," Gilmore said.

"It was truly pugnacious to prime a large question retired determination – determination was similar a rip moving done the near and it created immoderate ribs connected the close and my full program was to instrumentality to the rights and effort to prime disconnected a cleanable one."

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